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VS Battles
Alright, I'm gonna make this quick. All the proposed changes have been added to my sandbox. I'm just going to give a brief rundown of the added powers and abilities and the tier changes.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior
Ok, starting with the easiest. Hardcore Leveling Warrior just needs a tier change, nothing else. Thanks to Drite's calcs, we know that HCLW with Sora's strength is pretty close to baseline 9-A. So regular HCLW will backscale and be 9-B+. Wthis will only affect the Reef Dungeon Arc key. For the Subjugation Round, HCLW fights this monster called Octonash, who could withstand a Town level explosion, so he gets 7-C.

So, Sora gets her first and seconds keys switched to 9-A, as HCLW performed his 9-A feat with all of her strength. This also scales nicely as Sora is regarded as a high level player. She will also get all the things HCLW currently has, those being the Type 8 Immortality, Resurrection, and Dimensional Storage. She will also get Absorption, Information Analysis, Extrasensory Perception, Statistics Amplification, Adaptation, Empowerment, and Energy Manipulation. She will also get new keys with the added powers respectively.

Dark will get what Sora gets, with regards to the standard Lucid Adventure powers (Type 8, Resurrection, etc.). In addition, he will get the Information Analysis and Extrasensory Perception that he shares with her, in addition to Soul Manipulation, which he displays both in-game and in the real world. Dark will also get an adjustment to his tiers which will mirror HCLW's so I don't have to get into too much detail regarding it. That is all for now.
Was told to comment here cause of my calcs

I did them so they are trash and likely wrong so i approve this
I just need a mod or an admin to approve this for me to apply the changes.
Alright, I'll add the changes now.