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Hajime starts with a pretty big AP advantage if I remember correctly from Adam v Dorian. His equipment should make this passable if not even in terms of damage output, so I would basically chalk it up to this: without extra equipment, I'd give it to Hajime. It's a hard-fought battle, and Doyle could possibly kill him before getting poisoned, but I think it's more likely that Hajime would poison him and then fake his own death if shit got bad until the poison killed Doyle. With extra equipment, I'd give this to Doyle. He leads with it, it hits pretty damn hard, creates a smokescreen, it has an incendiary effect, and best of all, Doyle still has all his normal stuff afterward, basically making it a fight where Hajime starts with several disadvantages if he can't adapt to/cope with the smoke, fire, and damage
Lowkey copy and pasting my answer from the previous thread.

Doyle is baseline 9-A so going off of the current stats he's weaker physically, but he has metal lining in his body which makes him a lot more durable once you get to his muscles. He may even be able to survive what would normally be a deadly blow from Hanafusa's bone blades by blocking like he did against Yanagi's katana. Doyle can also cause massive damage with his own blades which are a lot more versatile. So AP is not an issue here.

Stamina wise Hanafusa literally has to be killed to lose so he has the edge, but that's not to discredit Doyle since he has ridiculous stamina as well. As I said above he can not only tank hits but also keep going if he is wounded.

I think the deciding factor comes down to who can land a killing blow first. They are both really tactical fighters and will know this. Personally I'd say Doyle can land said blow first via more experience and overall better equipment. Doyle takes this mid to high diff.
Hajime doesn't open up with death, what he usually does is open up with a rush of striking various pressure points on the opponents body, which I believe would seriously screw Doyle over as he needs his nerves to use a few of his abilities.
Wil Doyle's equipment cover a 60x gap? Will his metal linings protect him from a 7x AP gap or that same 60x gap (for Hajime with blades)? Doyle's abnormal physiology is gonna help him deal with acupressure, but even just in pure AP they're so far apart that this is a stomp.
Doyle has harmed fighters far above him with his blades so the AP is only a factor if he decides to fight without his equipment which he never does. He even harmed an off guard Oliva with his blades.


The issue with that is that unlike Bando, Doyle will have no issue reacting to this dash, especially since speed is equal. And as soon as Hana enters his range, Doyle will use his blades right off the bat to inflict a deadly blow. Hana would be lucky to come out of this initial encounter without having his throat slit open. Overall the fact that Hana doesn't use his equipment right away hurts him in this fight.
Technically, since optional equipment is allowed, Doyle leads with a Dust Explosion, but other than that, yeah, agreed
Blahblah9755 said:
How durable is Olivia?
Right now, 7-C, but Baki characters tend to be weaker while surprised (or at least that's the only explanation consistent with the rest of the show's scaling). While surprised I think he's unquantifiably in 9-A, but pretty high up, still being able to casually defeat people stronger than Doyle in a few hits (when Baki characters are relaxed or causal, they are similarly weakened)
High end 9-A is just a lowball because I don't know for sure. It's not likely that just being surprised made him literally thousands of times weaker, but I don't know where a semi serious Oliva ends up.
Even a surprised Oliva should be well into High 8-C scaling to Yujiro's tanking of the lightning bolt.

Also Hajime is only 8-C with bone blades. He doesn't get that high physically. Bando, a true 8-C was literally stated to "snap his neck like a twig". And this is a suppressed Bando. After the revisions Hana will be a lot lower than he is rn anyway so let's enjoy this while it lasts lol.
Doubtful since bone blades are still a thing. And those pack a hell of a punch. But Hana will no longer have the AP advantage physically. His current scaling is wank at its finest.
Amlad22 said:
Doubtful since bone blades are still a thing. And those pack a hell of a punch. But Hana will no longer have the AP advantage physically. His current scaling is wank at its finest.
Well alright, seems like Doyle's the better glass cannon of the two all things considered here