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VS Battles
A battle for the ages, the two best archers face off wielding their very best arrows:

The Atomic Warhead Arrow for Green Arrow.

The 30 Megaton Depth Arrow for Hawkeye.

Both opponents are bloodlusted and ready to shoot.

Fight starts with both opponents standing 30 meters away from each other.

Who wins? :)

1. Skill-wise, he's had a longer time preparing his archery and fighting skills in comparison to Green Arrow, though the quality of GA's training and feats make him no slouch in this department. It's pretty neck and neck, but I'm giving the edge to Clint based on time-committment.

2. In terms of strength, Hawkeye's shown superior strength feats without relying on completely wonky scaling (i.e. choking down Solomon Grundy), all while using a bow that's two times heavier than Oliver's.

3. Hawkeye's shown more in terms of arrow variety. In the mid-2000s or 90s, Marvel realeased a three page spread showing over a hundred arrow varieties Clint has had over the years. Most of the "end-all" arrows that people cite for Oliver were used by OTHER archers (i.e. the Phantom Zone arrow was used by the Speedys). Plus, Clint's Pym Particle Arrow can not only store dozens of arrows, but it can also increase his size or shrink an opponent or their weapon.

I'd feel more confident in saying Green Arrow wins if it were the Connor Hawke version, but given that we're talking about Oliver, my votes on Clint.
Well since this is a joke you should specify that they're only allowed to use those nuke arrows. That would help. I also thought it was serious before actually
Joke aside, why is Hawkeye's arrow is like city level, yet Green Arrow's arrow is like only building level? (Sorry for the necro.)