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hawkeye (marvel comics)

  1. Ningen

    Hawkeye (Marvel) vs. Usopp (One Piece)

    Death battle
  2. KingEzran

    (Grace) Spider-Man vs Hawkeye

    This is Spider-Man (Ultimate Comics) vs Hawkeye (Marvel Comics) - Speed Equalized - Both bloodlusted - No arrows above 9-A are allowed - Win via death VOTES: Spider-Man: 2 (sansicspood, Vizer04) Hawkeye: 7 (The_Impress, StekFence, Confluctor, Knifeman29, Kflare63, Sonicflare9...
  3. Kulf_Boba

    Ronin vs Spring Mustachio

    Clint Barton (As Ronin) vs Spring Mustachio Speed equal, 5 meters distance and Clint with Ronin's armament. Battlefield: Super Fight Tournament Arena
  4. CuteAnimeNekoGirl99

    Iowan Fight (Starlight vs Hawkeye)

    Hawkeye is a college in Iowa and Starlight was called "The Des Moines Defender" and Des Moines is the capital of Iowa Anyway both are at 9-A and Hawkeye doesn't have his bow Battle takes place in front of the Iowa State Capitol Speed Equalized Starlight: Hawkeye: Incon:
  5. Jackythejack

    Quincy (Bloons) vs Hawkeye (Marvel)

    Hehe. Monke. This is gonna be a level 10 Quincy. Hawkeye is limited to his 9-A equipment. Fight takes place in Town center. Speed equalized Hawkeye Quincy
  6. Epichaxboi

    Nagito Komaeda vs. Composite Hawkeye

    Basically incredible aim vs. incredible luck Speed is equalized. Both are 7-A Arena is a dark alleyway in new york. "I never miss." : "In the end, hope always wins." : Inconclusive:
  7. The_Impress

    Earth's Mightiest Rework

    So, the Hawkeye (Marvel Comics) page is basically a joke in its current state, and thus I'll be reworking it using this RT as a reference Hax Time Enhanced Senses ([1] [2] [3] [4] [5]) Explosion Manipulation (I can give 50 examples of this) Ice Manipulation and Electricity Manipulation (Shown...
  8. DeathstroketheHedgehog

    Where does it say Hawkeye's arrow speed?

    It says on his page that Hawkeye shot an arrow at Mach 438, and links me here for evidence . Unless I accidentally skipped it over, this page literally only shows me at best mach 2-3 speeds for Hawkeye's arrows. But if I didn't skip over anything, then that fact should be removed from his...
  9. Tonie_M._Movies_Productions

    Composite Hawkeye vs Composite Green Arrow

    3 weeks prep time Speed Unequalized Fight takes place in Star City Bloodlusted Both can use any item showcased in thier own Series's that could help them in the fight. NOT other characters and no radio help. IF any of them used other weapons that were showcased ever, they can use it. For...
  10. Matthew_Schroeder

    Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye (Best Equipment)

    A battle for the ages, the two best archers face off wielding their very best arrows: The Atomic Warhead Arrow for Green Arrow. The 30 Megaton Depth Arrow for Hawkeye. Both opponents are bloodlusted and ready to shoot. Fight starts with both opponents standing 30 meters away from each...
  11. AidenBrooks999

    Upgrade for Iceman and Human Torch

    Shouldn't Iceman and Human Torch be Supersonic+ via scaling from Hawkeye? Both are listed as Athlete here and here
  12. HeroicDefender97

    Hawkeye (Marvel) vs Hanzo Shimada (Overwatch)

    VS Battle of the Archers Who would win and why? EDIT: Speed Equalized
  13. Notadeadguy

    Double Trouble Tag Team Matchup!

    This fight is a Tag Team Match-up between Guns and Bows! Gun Team: Guido Mista and Hol Horse Vs. Arrow Team: Green Arrow and Hawkeye ... The Match shall take place side a warehouse over at an abandoned pier. Their speeds are equalized... Whose coming out on top? (Oh and the Arrow team...
  14. Ryu_Master

    Hackeye vs Green Arrow.

    Lets determine our victor before ScrewAttack, okay? Round 1-Regular bows Round 2- Hand to Hand combat Round 3- Composite, best bows, prime, etc. Both are...almost at the same tier. Hawkeye & Green Arrow