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Honestly, although Genos has a moderate resistance, his vigor is not much ... I can predict that a large portion of the population will die, but I do not believe that Genos will win this one, even without equal speed.
Although it is a high 6-A, it does not mean that it will cause a large area destruction, since although its beam collided with the Psykorochi attack it did not cause any damage that a high 6-A would do.
For example a character is cast to 7-B for harming a character who has demonstrated a 7-B feat, but he can only punch without any range ... He remains a 7-B, although he cannot do a level of destruction 7-B.
And there is also this that humanity can use, although I hate this EMP, because I almost never see an electronic, robotic character or anything like that that resists EMP, especially when they put it against humanity. I always find it irritating.
EMP? Your probably referencing China, who are the only ones supposedly capable of long-range EMP's. But here's the thing, who's to say the country with the most global population, and nearing the largest military and economy isn't wiped out first, causing a geo-political crisis and economic crash that delays response to his threat? Either the US, China or the EU is wiped out first, the weakest countries (those without capable weaponry) are saved for last.