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Gaunter OP Dimm gets hunted by a hunter a bit stronger than Geralt

Let's see if this works, why not ?

- Both 4-A, Gaunter has all of his haxes

- Both in character

- Speed is equal

- They start with 100 meters between them



They end playing Gwent:
Althought his BFR can work, Gaunter never just teleported someone and leave the person there

He teleported Geralt for his game, not combat, for this purposes we have his fight against Olgierd and the Time Stop scene, none included BFR

And even if he teleports Trevor to there, he didn't showed any signs of just leaving him there

Considering as a victory move goes completely against his in character moves and what the series showed to us
Ohh, gaunter is in character, well he tries to make a contract, and at the first sign of danger BFR's him to his pocket realm or gets the hell out of dodge.
Wait i think i know what o'dimm might open with

There was a moment where gaunter outright tortured Olgierds brothers ghost by inducing pain and eventually probably sucking his soul
Soul and Time Hax are his openings

We don't have proof to say Gaunter's Time Stop is Universal, but that's just range not potency, and Trevor resists "universal" time stop so whatever