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VS Battles
A sand user vs a warrior from the land of sands. Speed equalized. "The Last" Gaara vs Carter's high end. Which one wins?

Gaara Capitan
Carter Kane
My vote is for Carter. Transmutation alone would give him the win assuming he led with it considering he could just turn Gaara into a bat, but even if he didn't, stat amping, a combat avatar and invisibility would be enough to give him the win.
Carter Kane wins due to better hacks. He can do literally anything he has the hieroglyph for even it it does drain him considerably. He could just look at Gaara and say ''death'' in ancient egyptian and Gaara would keel over on the spot.
I don't know if Carter even knows Death in ancient egyptian, isn't it his sister who is good with the hieroglyphics?
Sadie is vastly better than him at hieroglyphs. But he does know the entire AE Language and considering he's a War God's avatar he should likely understand it at some level.

Thats not just counting the fact he could just erase him with sufficient prep time (execration spell)
he cant kill him like that as shown whit apophis he has to goclose for such things (this also worked whit the practise golem where had to toush it for spells in second book). Hes avatar aint that much outside of egyptian hell, even scorpions could get under it

can he use his godly powers at all? it IS outside help

(current egyptiawn gods are retired)

i say gaara
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