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carter kane

  1. Jackythejack

    Carter Kane vs. Yamato (One Piece)

    Soooo it was either this or Sadie but Carter sounded a lot more fun. Speed equalized, both 6-A obviously. This could go horribly wrong but that's part of the fun. Carter Kane Yamato One Piece
  2. GraveDigger84

    Riordanverse Discussion Thread

    Talk about anything Riordanverse related Upcoming stuff: Percy Jackson Disney+ TV show Kane Chronicles Netflix movie Untitled Solangelo book
  3. The_real_cal_howard

    Carter Kane vs Edelweiss

    I figured this would be a decent enough match. Both are 6-A though this'll be outdated soon as this version of Carter will hit 3-A. I'll explain Carter if questions are needed. No need for Edelweiss. Both are spellswords. Speed is equalized. Black kid Japanese girl
  4. Sorvoe551

    Possible Riordanverse Additions

    Hey guys, quick thing concerning the Riordanverse page. So I went to the bookstore a few days ago and I found a bunch of books labeled "Rick Riordan Presents" with plots that are similar to Percy Jackson, but with different pantheons (Maya, Korean, African-American, etc.). Now, while Riordan...
  5. The_real_cal_howard

    Percy Jackson Upgrades (Egypt)

    I've been rereading Red Pyramid and there's a handful of things I'd like to get out while I can before I take off. So I don't expect this to be concluded anytime soon. Someone who's read the story can elaborate more than me rn. AP Upper tier gods like the big five, Ra, and Apophis should scale...
  6. Yobo_Blue

    The First Spinjitzu Master vs Carter Kane

    SBA Speed Equalized The First Spinjitzu Master has all his abilities
  7. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Carter Kane AP

    Why is he comparable to Percy Jackson? He never stalemated him, he pretty much got rekt.
  8. Legion350

    Bane (Demon Lord) vs Carter Kane

    Bane (Demon Lord Chronicles) vs Carter Kane Speed is Equalized No Reality Warping for Bane 7-B forms for the both of them
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Carter Kane vs Erza Scarlet

    I'm getting in the FT action. Who wins here? Speed equal. City level for both. Godling vs Magic Knight
  10. The_real_cal_howard

    Gaara vs Carter Kane

    A sand user vs a warrior from the land of sands. Speed equalized. "The Last" Gaara vs Carter's high end. Which one wins?