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No idea what Dante leads with.

Frank would lead with his guns tbh. He wouldn't be super probed to melee combat unless Dante got in close. Once he puts together damages mid regen being too strong for his normal guns, then he might go a freezing route and try to ice shatter him, or transmute him with magic wand. Albeit. That does require getting closer
I think bloodlusting Frank would be a good call here personally.

i think Dante is like half a megajoule but I might be wrong.
Restricting Ebony and Ivory would be interesting and possibly safer considering we don't really know if that deconstruction is immediate
That's good becuase now it's more fair. Unfortunately Dante resists transmutation however matter hax and freeze hax would work wonders.
Jackythejack said:
Restricting Ebony and Ivory would be interesting and possibly safer considering we don't really know if that deconstruction is immediate
It isn't but being pushed too far and he will use it
If you restrict the guns, this can't be added. You can only restrict abilities/weapons if they are on another tier, or they're in the optional equipment.
Just checked, it isn't allowed

It is not fine to restrict abilities in a versus matchup, implicitly or expressly. Matches that are arranged this way should not be added to the character profiles, as they don't involve their full potential, and are only intended for casual entertainment. An exception would be if the restricted ability/technique has a separate tier from the main one. In this case, the match can be added. The match can also be added if Optional Equipments such as optional power-ups and items are restricted.
That says abilities. Not equipment. Natural abilities shouldn't be restricted. But equipment can be. As well, a current thread said it is ok from what Jacky was telling me. He asked about it not too long ago
By that logic we can put Dante against anyone and restrict every single weapon he has an say it's fair.

Also, can you link the thread where that was asked?
I asked Wok on discord he said it's fine. We ca, in fact, put Dante in a fist fight with just about anyone.
Oh I doubt it. It likely should be judged Case by Case. You put Dante up against Glass Joe, of course restricting Guns isn't bad. Joe has nothing there, and Dante could throw down up close if needed. As long as it's still fair.

I could not. This is a thread Jacky told me about. But I'll look for it
How skilled and experienced is this Dante? I'd assume not as much so as his video game counterparts? This seems early in his story but I could be wrong.
He has been taking care of himself since 8 repelling demons on his own and is capable of taking down large groups of mercenaries alone AFAIK so, uh, I dunno
If they're both roughly equal skill wise I think I'm gonna give this to frank considering that he has some really good abilities here that are going to come off as a surprise for most people fighting him. Dante's tactic of tricking up enemies won't work considering Frank's also just cracks jokes in the middle of combat or during serious situations. It just won't work against him, and frank has weapons that can turn the zombies he fights into a bloody mist or like molecules and Dante can't regen from that, especially since he's arguably weaker than the zombies when it comes to AP and dura. A bloodlusted frank won't hesitate to put him down real quick, whether with ice weapons or the Holey Terror
I personally don't think he needs to be and if he is it's sort of a who shoots first situation and that's an incon which is boring. Bloodlust is far more necessary for frank just due to his big arsenal of weapons. Dante still has ways to win against this frank though,m. Bloodkustibg frank just leads to a more interesting debate.
As you said, they are roughly comparable in skill, Frank holds the AP advantage and has more hax than this Dante who's only winco seems his own hax yet Frank is bloodlusted
If Frank tries to go for the magic wand first, Dante resists transmutation which gives him time to activate his own hax and shoot Frank dead. Shooting Frank dead in general is a good wincon becuase bullets are a pretty good way to kill people. Dantw has a few good win conditions going for him, it's just that frank has more
He also has incredibly powerful weapons hag even turn the zombies, which are at least somewhat comparable to him, into nothing but a few body parts. The ion cannon combo weapon in particular is what I'm thinking of. He has ways to inflict damage past what Dante can regen from