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Darksiders: "Maybe" Tier revision

It is too vague. It is likely a figure of speech, and we don't know the type of destruction involved.
Without an explicit feat to calculate, we do not know the scale and timeframe involved.
Adding the resistance and a "likely far higher" is probably fine.
No problem. Is there anything else left to do here?
1. Shape Worlds means what? as in planets? Also why does Vulgrim scale to these stones?

2. So the great flood. This can be calculated although not sure how long it would take him to do it if it matters in a calc like that.
1. Should be planet, yes. Vulgrim have that stone (There's only one of them), and story (and lore) threats him as weaker than the Horsemen.

2. Is as fast as flood, I think? It should be, as it referred to as the great flood that drown the world and wash away every living things.
Oh, and War also referred as the bringer of worldwide fire .

There's no reason to add "worldwide" if it's just some boast, so I suggest that is a statement not a hyperbole.

Plus the statements about Abraxis and Lord of the Hollows above, as well as some statement about Gluttony would eat the whole of the earth. With this much evidence I think High 6-A feats seem legit.

(Don't know much about Ember Core feat that GHG4589 brought up in other thread tho.)
1. I understand Vulgrim has it but I'm not quite understanding the connection here. Does he uses the stones power to fight or is it just some artifact he's had hidden or something? Depending on your response it could be pretty useless.

2. You can ask someone to calc this flood for you I guess.

3. "Bringer of worldwide fire" is just his title, there isn't anything to support it in terms of feats or other statements.
1.Then he doesn't scale it since he's just keeping the artifact which means riders don't scale unless there is a direct comparison I missed.

2. Oh I see. I read somewhere Dagon flood worlds via a ritual. Do you know the specifics of the ritual?
My bad, it's not scaled from Dagon, but scaled from the Stormcaller. (But War and Strife killed him anyways)

But I didn't see any referred to the ritual when I'm playing. If you found the ritual stuff from Dagon's page in DS wiki, I suggest that might be some error.
Okay. You can ask a few discussion moderators for help if you wish.
Okay. Asking a few others as well doesn't hurt though. Medeus is already working very hard.
Well, Threatening the Earth seems a bit vague, and sounds more like High 6-A at best. But the idea of flooding the earth or perishing it in fire does indeed sound like High 6-A. Flooding the Earth has been considered a High 6-A feat for a long time.

I personally think Lucifer's Earth flooding feat being High 6-A is reasonable.