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Cut and Slash with body parts (Filia and Squigly vs Serpenters)

Well this just seems like the Deku match, but with a worse Blackwhip, considering Samson's range and the fact that if he gets cut, it'll hurt.
Flight is limited, so it's not like she can easily weave in and out of their acrobatic range. Trigger makes everything worse for her.

Yeah, she's kinda screwed.
Hm. Filia's ability to contest against a Serpenter is still of a bit lacking, but I do think Squigly's skillset does give them the edge. Her flames, spacial manip ,and sound orbs are really useful considering everyone else is stuck with organic-ish whip strikes. There's also the fact that in the unlikely but possible scenarios that the battle ended up really drawn out, Samson's ability to heal and Squigly's immortality could provide them enough time until the Trigger drug's effect would wear out.

My vote goes to Filia and Squigly.