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Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep vs DBZ Verse

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We're using the Cthulhu Mythos versions here, right?

Not that it really matters, though. Either with the Cthulhu Mythos versions or the Demonbane versions, Cthulhu probably gets stomped, and Nyarlathotep solos any version of DBZ.
can cthulhu summn azathoth?- that wud be unfair tho- since omnis are not used in vs fights

also, isnt cthulhu mythos nyarla at least uiversal, if not multiversal

in that case he solos
Big C is a non factor, as he could cause some severe mental anguish, but not physical harm. While he can't really "die", he'd likely just keep getting blown up and reforming by someone his powers didn't work on, or be able to cause insanity, but not much else. Nyarlathotep, on the other hand, is a multiversal entity capable of warping reality to its whim, completely punking lesser gods with a wave of its hand, becoming completely untouchable, and doing essentially everything Cthulhu can do, but better. Nyar solos DBZ, although it would likely play around with everyone, first. Not that this would affect the outcome, it's just that Nyarlathotep isn't one to finish its prey quickly unless severely angered.
What if we used feats from Shin Budokai?

It's said to have multiversal Janemba with Goku beating him.
Undylan said:
What if we used feats from Shin Budokai?
It's said to have multiversal Janemba with Goku beating him.
Janemba's multiversal feats in Shin Budokai weren't really THAT impressive in the grand scheme of things. It would just mean they'd absolutely fodderize Cthulhu, but Nyarlathotep would still have little trouble with them. Nyarlathotep's pets, the Hunting Horrors, chased Randolph Carter through the creation and destruction of countless universes. Nodens, one of the elder gods, seared said horrors to dust. The same attack merely left Nyarlathotep confused that its horrors could be so easily dispatched.
Though Cthulhu has very impressive psychic abilities, when it comes to actual fighting prowess and raw power, he is substantially outclassed by the DBZ fighters. Unless he was almost entirely holding back, Cthulhu technically lost against an early 20th century steamboat when it rammed him and piereced his body - he may be able to regenerate, but it took a considerable amount of time to repair that meagre amount of damage.

Nyarlathotep on the other hand is an entirely different story. Since he is an Outer God, he exists outside space & time and consequently, cannot die.
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