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3 weeks prep time

Speed Unequalized

Fight takes place in Star City


Both can use any item showcased in thier own Series's that could help them in the fight. NOT other characters and no radio help.

IF any of them used other weapons that were showcased ever, they can use it. For exapmle, Green Arrow can use his sword if he needs to.

Both have Unlimited Arrows

Win by death

Win by any means neccesary

Hawkeye can use his nuke arrow as a last resort.


Arrow oliver queen render by quidek-d8ft745
Hawkeye png render by mrvideo vidman-d9y5je8-2
Gargoyle One said:
Why are you still using composites? Do they even exist for these characters?
Well, thier profiles don't exist on this website. But, I thought it'll be more fair to use the Composite versions. They're so many versions of both.
Composite Green Arrow vs Composite Hawkeye is what Screwattack does in their Death Battle.

And Composite Hawkeye wins because of better strength and way crazier durability while their gadgets roughly counter each other.