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Code Vein Discussion Thread

Code Vein Wallpaper
I had yet to see a discussion thread involving Code Vein, which saddens me. So I decided to take the liberty and do myself.

In any case, has anyone gotten the chance to check out the new DLC? I have it, however, since I started my second new game plus and have yet to reach the Crypt Spire, I am unfortunately unable to access it.
Dante's voice: This, I like

I haven't gotten around to doing the DLC myself, but it looks pretty cool from a glance. :D
I have, I can shed some light on some things. With the DLC being released we have found out several new things despite the DLC being rather lackluster.

Simply put, after Operation Queenslayer Jack got a new partner and the Revenants shielded off Vein with the Red mist and eradicated every horror/Aragami within it.

3 only managed to escape the purging. The original Successor of the Voice tracked them down along with Jack.

Hellfire Knight (Whom is an Ancient Hannibal according to the files of the game was the first they came across) the three are noted to be far stronger than every other horror/Aragami the Revenants had eradicated.

Valerio and Jack are told by the two Cerberus soldiers they are with that they sent alot of people after Hellfire knight and none returned.

Jack and Valerio eventually encounter the Hannibal, Jack insists on taking it on Solo. Its implied he does so but did not really damage it.

Valerio using the Voice of the queen seals the Hannibal away and says its too strong for them and that a later generation will have to kill it.

Some years later after the Queenslayer is back up and about he comes to that location unsealed it and OBLITERATES Hannibal.

Note, I said obliterate. The game says this is what happens, unlike Greater lost slayed popping up.

The caption reads "Grim Menace Obliterated" we've also learned Aragami has blood codes as Hellfire Knight/Ancient Hannibal's Bloodcode is Surt.

Its a Given the Queenslayer will kill the other two Aragami/horrors in the next two DLC.

That being said, in terms of content the DLC is practically barren and I hope the other two aren't like it.

Otherwise that would be a huge blow to the series.

Oh, and Revenants can permakill Aragami. The Aragami that were eradicated in Vein years ago still haven't come back.

Which means the Queenslayer permakills Ancient Hannibal.

Queenslayer should scale to several God eaters if not surpass them.

Erik got ate by an Ogretail and even that Ogretail can't compare to the Ancient Hannibal. (Hellfire knight Fights with the same speed as regular Hannibal from God Eater) only one of his attacks has delays and its to fake you out. Otherwise he has like 3 moves that regular Hannibal doesn't making him another variant of Hannibal.
Nice! I haven't played through the God Eater games, but since they are confirmed to take place in the same universe, this could potentially lead to upgrades if the God Eater verse has any good feats.
I don't remember where it was first confirmed, but I'm almost positive I saw a developer mention it. Not only that, but the Aragami appear in game, there are a metric ton of references, and they were both made by the same developers.
Are you willing to hear spoilers? It's a kind of spoilery moment, and I don't want to be presumptuous.

Late in the game, just before the Juzo Mido boss fight, Mido reveals the real purpose behind the red fog surrounding the entire area. In showing what it's purpose was, he decides to give a demonstration and opens up the red fog for a moment so that people can see the outside world. When he does, a cutscene plays where an Aragami charges through the now opened fog wall and decimates a group of revenants.
After Mido kills his subordinates he causes their relics to fly to Silva.

This causes Silva to frenzy and temporarily lose control of himself. The fog falls for a brief period of time.

And Dyaus Pita comes charging into Vein.

He easily kills two Cerberus mooks and eats a random Revenant. He then gets erased by the Red mist as it returns.

Mido then explains that the "Horrors" are outside devouring everything and becoming stronger and that the Revenants have became stagnant to the point that the Aragami are stronger than them.

(Mido heavily implies that Revenants can and will surpass Aragami if they cast away the fear of fighting them)

Mean while Jack and Eve say if the fog falls it will invite ruin. Mido seems to be in the right set of mind with this.

Because Queenslayer kills a Hannibal in the DLC and gains the thing's blood code.
Since you're pretty much the only one here who's actually played God Eater (I think... I've been meaning to get around to it but I haven't) are there any feats in the series that could potentially cross-scale with this info?
I've only played a little bit of God Eater Burst 2. I'm a total noob and just started getting into the series, but I couldn't find the first game.
Ahh, I see. I believe the first game can be bought as a remake called God Eater Resurrection.
God eater feats are left rather faulty, an example I can give is: While Lindow can solo several Vajra and Prithvi Matha Erik couldn't even survive a weak Ogretail.

The Anime has good feats of speed for God eaters Buuuut- the anime isn't canon so I don't believe we can use that.

Lenka isn't the canon Protag for God eater resurrection or Burst Yu is.

Though I suppose if we took that into account we've seen God eaters can break the sound barrier.

Thought Pita still goes on a stomping spree against the main cast in anime before he eventually gets temp killed.

Hannibal is>>Dyaus Pita

You can take that how you want but Hannibal is widely known as one of the strongest and fastest Aragami.

Even an Ancient Hannibal I doubt is weaker in this regard if even weaker period.

Since a sealing was required because Valerio and Jack couldn't deal with it.

Off the top of my head. Queenslayer by taking out and permakilling Ancient Hannibal should be superior to Erik, most of Tatsumi's squad, Kota and GE burst Alisa and probably on par with Yu.
SanguineStorms said:
Off the top of my head. Queenslayer by taking out and permakilling Ancient Hannibal should be superior to Erik, most of Tatsumi's squad, Kota and GE burst Alisa and probably on par with Yu.
So, alright. Do any of them have calced feats?
If the anime is to be believed Any god eater can break the sound barrier, Alisa was shown to be fighting alongside Lenka in the sky on a plane while Several aragami broke the sound barrier to chase after the plane and attack Lenka.

Pita was shown to be able to not only react to Lenka and Alisa but pretty much whooped them the first encounter practically leaving Lenka dead.

Striking feats and what not arent really a thing in God Eater because their God arcs use hax to deal the damage.

A God arc is a weaponized argami. The blade once it hits something the oracle cells start to devour what has been hit.


Usually this would be the case however Revenants seem to no-sell this. Though Pita eats one revenant and kills the two cerberus soldiers they explicitly DONT turn into ash.

Which means it didnt permakill them.

Other then that, God eaters are rather human opposed to Revenants. They cant conjure up blood magic or gifts or any of that.

They are stuck between either melee or shooting.

So honestly we could only use the speed thing since damage isnt reliant on how hard a god eater strikes.

Most gen 1 God eaters can only use Either Blade god arcs or just Gun god arcs.

These would be the ones the Queenslayer should easily surpass because they cant throw hands with hannibal.

Next Gen God eaters such as Alisa and Yu, these would be the one the queenslayer should scale to.

As they are able to kill Hannibal and Pita etc.

Though, if Data files are proven to be true Queenslayer will face a marduk which is a God eater 2 Aragami that special forces blood needed to deal with.

If he does face the Marduk as the second aragami he would then scale to Hiro Kamui pre Bloodrage.
Since I have time, I could probably put those renders up for the characters, although I am unsure of how big the length x width for their renders should be.
This is a subject I've been investigating for a little while personally; and also one of the reasons why I really haven't done much regarding Code Vein matches or CRTs for a while. Basically, there's an issue with the current tiering of Code Vein, but it could go both ways (that is, lead to either an upgrade or a downgrade).

Currently, the verse gets it's 7-A rating via the Successor of the Breath having created the Ridge of Frozen Souls, which is confirmed in-game to be a mountain ridge. There are two problems with this.

1: We don't make 7-A assumptions for mountain creation feats anymore. Due to many of the values going from tier 8 upwards being nearly arbitrary, a mountain creation feat is generally not accepted as being 7-A unless it is explicitly calculated to be such. And outside of making assumptions through things like fragmentation values, there isn't any good, acceptable way of calculating a mountain creation feat. So this could easily lead to a downgrade, as mountain creation feats are typically far lower than 7-A.

2: However, here's a detail I borderline glossed over when I made the original 7-A upgrade thread. It wasn't a "mountain creation feat". It was a "mountain ridge creation feat". Not only did the Successor of the Breath create the entire ridge, but a mountain ridge is typically made up of many, many mountains in a chain. So, while a mountain creation feat would be considered far lower than 7-A currently, the feat itself is far higher than it has been depicted on the profiles due to having created a giant chain of mountains rather than a single mountain.

So in other words; we need to revise Code Vein's statistics. Problem is; I have no idea whether this would constitute a downgrade or an upgrade with the current information, and it'd be extraordinarily difficult to actually get a proper calc on this feat.

I've been wracking my head over trying to figure out how to treat and tier this feat, though I'm admittedly pretty much at a loss. So, I'm gonna leave this on here. Is there anyone still interested in the Code Vein verse who thinks they might have an idea on how to help out with this?
As far as I'm aware, that's from the anime, not the games. And while I don't know for certai, I've heard there are differences between the two. If there's anyone who's played the games who can clarify this, it'd be helpful.
DarkGrath said:
As far as I'm aware, that's from the anime, not the games. And while I don't know for certai, I've heard there are differences between the two. If there's anyone who's played the games who can clarify this, it'd be helpful.
It's a prolouge of the game God Eater Burst. It came waaaaaaaaay before the anime.
Huh. Interesting. It might actually be usable then.

What keys for The Queenslayer would this scale to? As far as I'm aware, the scaling comes from the DLC, but I haven't played through the DLC myself just yet. If we can figure out when the DLC is first accessible, then we can scale from there.
Just took a look at it. It seems the Hellfire Knight DLC is only available through items you collect after Juzo Mido's boss room, so being comparable to Hannibals (and therefore God Eaters, and therefore Low 6-B) would be a late-game feat. Should I make a CRT for this? And what should we do about the early game rating now that 7-A isn't necessarily usable? Should we potentially use the Queen's Relics for downscaling from the Low 6-B feat?
I would appreciate input from anyone interested, if possible.
I think we could maybe possibly downscale them to the Low 6-C feat as Jack was able to hold his own against the Hannibal long enough for Valerio to seal it within the depths. This was after Operation Queenslayer, and before Queenslayer woke up from their coma.

For the 7-A thing, I think we could have one of members of the calc group to calculate Nicola's feat.
Yeah, that sounds good to me. Should they be perhaps "At most Low 6-B" in the early-game then?

And, well, I've actually asked a couple of calc group members about calculating that feat. The problem is, there isn't any good way to calculate a creation feat like that (apart from something like mass-energy conversion, but that's not accepted on the wiki with exception to extremely well evidenced examples) and we don't really know the exact scale of the mountain ridge created. The best way of calculating it might be through assuming destruction through fragmentation would be equal, and even then we'd need a good metric for how large the ridge is.

So, should I make a CRT for a Low 6-B upgrade?
Yeah, I would go with the "At most Low 6-B"

Ah, that is ashame.

Yeah, we should start the CRT for Low 6-B upgrade, and maybe with the addition with spaital manipulation via Tranquil Slice (Kinda like Judgment Cut)


On my phone so I can't do a proper link.

And here is the full description of Tranquil Slice

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Yeah, I heard about Tranquil Slice. I haven't gone through the DLC yet though, so I don't know about the new abilities. What other abilities have been included?
He gets three new Blood Codes, Surt (Hannibal's Blood Code), Achilles, and Asclepius (Valerio's Blood Code). There is also an RV Mastery called, Charisma which boosts partner stats.

I'll have to look at the gifts again. I recall another one allows you to literal due Vergil's "I summon swords to circle around me." but with fire blades.