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GlaceonGamez471 said:
So, what does Zekrom scale to exactly? I know Cell has a 1 kilofoe feat
iirc Zekrom scales to way above 50% Zygarde who, while weaker, sent Ultra Necrozma flying, said Ultra Necrozma lighted up all of Ultra Space and is far stronger than it's base for who stole all the light of ultra space and it was like, 32 FOE or something like that
Zekrom resists almost everything Cell can throw at him, since ki manipulation is really similar to Solar Beam, which Zekrom resists

Even if he doesn't, Zekrom still has a large AP advantage over Cell, and he can buff his stats with Charge Beam, Light screen, and more, and should be able to bypass his Regenerationn through lightning-based attacks

However, assuming I'm wrong and Zekrom can't go through Cell's regen, Cell can exploit Zenkais to become expodentially stronger than before, which is bad news for Zekrom

Overall, though, I'm going for Zekrom. With enough stat boosts, Zekrom should be able to put Cell down for good