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Butters Brackets: Round 4 Ned Flanders vs Griffon

Tbh. I don't think Ned actually carries a gun. I believe that was supposed to be removed unless there was proof shown he had one in canon
I still say even with the pistol a Griffon will be able to tank Flander's attacks long enough to get in close. also despite it's size the griffon is stronger than one of the biggest flying Grimm the Nevermore.

so I vote Griffon
even if it can't tank lightning it is faster than Ned in reaction speed and I am pretty sure it takes a while to summon god so the griffon can close the gap
I'm really trying to stay out of most of these.

But White. Ned is stronger. Both AP and seemingly LS wise. And this seems to ignore any sort of debate on how melee combat would go.
Well that's fine to fight for them. Just don't use reasons that are flat out wrong. 1.7 > 1.42. So Ned is the stronger one.