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Butters Brackets: Round 3 Booker vs Bobert

We now move to our third round of our battle of the buildings! And in this third match we have Booker DeWitt from the Bioshock Series, Submitted by WeeklyBattles, going up against Bobert from The Amazing World of Gumball, Submitted by Joaco0902

The Current Standings

Speed is equal

Bobert Scales far above 0.25 Tons of TNT

Booker scales to 0.3112484611806883 Tons of TNT

Bobert is in his Combat Mode Key

That's all. Let's let round 3 commence!

Booker DeWitt: 5


How does Water Manip Work with him? Is it a weapon? What range does it have? Would he think of using it in this situation?
the Undertow which is a water ability you can use the game allows Booker to push normal sized enemies with a stream of water from his hand or pull them towards him with a watery tenticle. despite this Bobert is getting touched with water which is one of his weeknesses. I think if he were alowed to learn about his opponent Booker would use that weekness to his advantage
Also, Im pretty sure despite TAWOG characters having seemingly good regen, they can still be KO'd, so theres that.
Joaco0902 said:
How does Water Manip Work with him? Is it a weapon? What range does it have? Would he think of using it in this situation?
He can use it to either knock opponents back with a wave of water or ensnare them with a tendril of water

It has a range of several dozen meters

I'll explain the third part in a few minutes
Small amounts of water or electricity canonically incapacitate Bobert so Booker using Shock Jockey or Undertow will seriously mess him up, and given that Booker has canonically fought and defeated large mechanical enemies like Bobert (aka Handymen) those are almost guaranteed to be his go-to moves, though Possession would also work leaving Bobert completely open to attack

Return to Sender also nopes pretty much all of Bobert's ranged attacks
Booker FRA

(By the way, if you manage to get to Round 7, can you wait for me? I have school in the next hour.)