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Black: Where does he rank among DB Villains?

I personally put him at #2 for right now.

1) Frieza

2) Black

3) Cell

4) Buu

5) Saiyan Saga Vegeta

6) Demon King Piccolo

7) Piccolo Jr.
1) Pilaf 2) Beerus 3) Cell 4) Black 5) Frieza

Yes, you said dbz villains, yet, you include a dbs one, sorry.
i'm impressed this evil goku thing is working this well. I think he is 3rd after Cell and Frieza for me.
1. Frieza

2. Zamasu

3. Black

4. Cell

5. Buu

I'm really surprised that Super turned out such good characters for Dragon Ball in general (Zamasu is one of the only DB characters that can really be called complex, especially for a villain).
Black would be a number 2 for me as well. And you do know that black has a motive to be evil instead of broly, who was just psychotic for the hell of it.
I don't think you can even compare black to broly broly was imo the stupidest villain in the series his entire motivation was because goku made him cry as a kid. Black actually has a good motive he wants to eradicate humans because he thinks the universe would be beautiful without them and humans are beneath the gods, failures created by the gods.

This is probably the most decent motivation any dragon ball villain has had, they usually are just evil to be evil, doesn't mean that can't make them good villains as i still put cell and frieza above black but it's nice to see something different for a change.
I'm sorry. It's just that I just saw the god complex in X Men Apocalypse. He just seems so hyped to me. Frieza was a space mob boss, and Cell wanted to be the best he could be. He was a foil to Goku. Majunior was the first bad guy gone good, and Buu was funny.
The Everlasting said:
1. Frieza
2. Zamasu

3. Black

4. Cell

5. Buu

I'm really surprised that Super turned out such good characters for Dragon Ball in general (Zamasu is one of the only DB characters that can really be called complex, especially for a villain).
It seems that toriyama knows how to make something that seems stupid look epic and complex. Hell, a lot of people in youtube were bitching about SSR, and everyone ended up loving it in the end, not to mention the symbolism SSR has.
Id rank him fairly high, mostly because he seems to have a pretty interesting personality and motivation. Gonna see how it plays out fully, not gonna give him a number based on the hype right now. But I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in the top three.
Get the f.. HAHAHA!! Black is good but he is nowhere near the main 3 if you think otherwise you're DELUSIONAL!



3.King Piccolo/Piccolo




"Black reaching #1" No, if he manages to do that that means DBS is better in terms of villains than DBZ and nobody here will agree with that.
No need to be disrespectful towards people who consider black better than some dbz villains everyone has their own opinions here but you shouldn't treat yours as fact.
@Hillmor expressing your opinion and disagreeing with others is fine, but please calm down.

Laughing at others, insulting others who do not feel the same way as you do and claiming that "no one here" will disagree with you makes you seem closeminded and hostile. Behavior which this site does not like dealing with and would prefer a more civil, rational and kind atmosphere.
Ryu: snip
TBH the big reason I like this site isn't because it's more accurate than any other (though I think it's more accurate than most except OBD), but more for the much friendlier community.
@Bruce Agreed. While there are a variety of other things I love this site for, the friendly/civil community is by far the best thing we've got going for us in my opinion.
Ryukama said:
@Bruce Agreed. While there are a variety of other things I love this site for, the friendly/civil community is by far the best thing we've got going for us in my opinion.
Plus there are less fantards. Fanboys for DBZ, Sonic, FNAF, Naruto, ETC are very annoying to deal with because they're quickly shot down lol.

Anyway, I don't like or dislike Black but I must say his gauntlet sword thing is pretty badass looking.
Oh I'm SORRY but this thread annoys me and because of that I couldn't express my opinion in any other way. To see the villains who are considered the best villains in manga/anime to be put below a character who "has better development by returning to the past, getting sucked back in, getting a powerup and mopping the floor with everyone afterwards" disgusts me, and I don't really care about the way I talk here because I watch this site from the sidelines and being banned wouldn't do anything to me. And his motives make no sense either. Humans are the only race in the entire universe who destroy theselves so they must be eradicated so that the universe would be clean? Bruh, the chances of that are ridicuously low, the universe is a big place maybe you should look around more Zamasu.

P.S. - Oh and lemme rephrase that "Nobody in the right mind will agree to that"
@Hillmor Now the villains in dragon ball are certainly iconic the most iconic i think is freeza but to say they are the best villains in anime and manga is strecth imo. What more is there to freeza and cell than just being evil, why are they evil? The answer is they are evil just to be evil there is no deep motivation there.

It's a matter of preference whether you like a complex villain or a villain who is simple i prefer the former however it doesn't mean that the latter can't be good villains in the context of their story, freeza and cell were fantastic villains but there is no depth to them.

To be the best in anime and manga i feel requires a certain level of depth to the villains we need to understand what drives them and what they think, why are they the way they are and not just be the villains just because the story needs there to be villains, but again just my opinion.

Black and zamasu have real motivation to be villains humans are creatures that do the same stuff over and over again, just look at human history we fight and kill each other over and over again, it's a misguided thought for them to think that humans will never change and hence need to be destroyed however it's a legitamate thought that anyone could come to after seeing humans continue to do the same things over and over again throughout history. Btw when they refer to humans as needing to be destroyed they mean mortals and not just earthlings.

You don't have to agree with the opinions here just respect them.

Edit: Noticed hillmor has been banned.
The only Villain I have above Black is Buu and that's because of Nostalgia,Cell in third,Frieza in forth,Tao,Blue,Pilaf,anyone else in the Red ribbon army than Piccolo Daimao.

The only Villain I really don't find that interesting is Daimao,the dude lacks any fun.

Don't have Vegeta or Ma Junior because I don't count reformed Villains.

I don't have Zamasu since to me he seems like a less sadistic Black.
My personal favorite is Cell, but if I'm being more objective, based on character depth and background, my list goes:

1) Frieza

2) Goku Black/Zamasu

3) Cell/Dr. Gero

4) Mercenary Tao

5) Buu

6) Commander Red

Frieza is not my personal favorite, but he has the most significance, depth and background to the Dragon Ball story. Any objective list should have him at or near the top.

As for my personal list of favorites:

1) Cell

2) Frieza

3) Goku Black/Zamasu

4) Kid Buu (Just the kid form. Not the others)

5) Mercenary Tao

6) Future Android 17 & 18

7) Dr. Gero

8) Fat Buu

I just like Cell because of the way he looks, his personality, and his English VA. Visually, he has a very unique design. His motive isn't very deep though. All he wanted to do is destroy the Earth if no one could challenge him, and, of course, to be perfect. However, I have Black and Zamasu above him and Buu because their motive is more deep. They both have a deep seeded sense of self-righteousness and think humans (mortals) are an abomination. They don't see themselves as evil, or at least Zamasu doesn't. So that adds to the complexity. Buu was just a maniac that just liked to destroy, and Cell is just a more intelligent and composed version of that.