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Basic Dragon Profiles

Not really an important question, just curious if there were any plans to create profiles for the metallic and chromatic dragons. And, if so, would they be taking into account the somewhat different mechanics for dragons between editions.
I don't think a composite Dragon profile is the best, even if they would be similar. Every dragonnrace has unique aspects and special abilites associated with them.

But if one were to be made, the best bet would be to divide the powers and abilites section (along with intelligence), into multiple tabs. Such as "Common Abilites | White Dragons | Green Dragons | Black Dragons | Blue Dragons | Red Dragons". The Asmodeu, Modron, and Nameless One profiles have examples of the tabbers in action.

That way we cover all of the bases
Ah I was thinking more along the lines of having a separate profile for each color With the keys instead dividing them up by age.
Yeah that's fine. The site prefers newer editions over the old if they explicitly contradict, but as long they don't you can use any canon information for the profiles
It's more just that the 3rd edition contains more elaborate info, and features Great Wyrm versions of each dragon, which don't exist in 5e.

3rd edition dragons also have far more abilities than in later editions
As long as the information from earlier editions don't contradict the newer stuff it should be fine. Anything from the 2e Draconomicon to the magazines can be used
Cool. As I have no experience with D&D lore or creating D&D profiles, I'm gonna ask Bambu about it (whether he wants to make the profiles or can help me do so).
We have two generic dragon profiles but those are the ones from the Epic Level Handbook. If you want me to specifically make the profiles for generic dragons (black, gold, red, etc) then I can surely do it.

Regarding what Qawsed said, if it ever does come up, everything is considered legitimate canon as long as it doesn't directly clash with newer information (such as 4e's plane size). Most pages at the moment pull from 5e sources (most recent) and 3.5/3e sources (most elaborate/in-depth info).

I don't think composite is the way to go since A. dragons, throughout their lifespan, go across most tiers in normal levels of gameplay, and B. a lot of dragons just have super different tempraments. A gold dragon won't approach normal combat in the same way a red one would, for example, so they are truly different characters, just with slightly different abilities.
Exactly, there would need to be pages for each species, and like I said earlier they'd shift in tiers as they get older.

From what I can tell the only main difference between editions is that in 3rd edition dragons are capable of far more spells
But yeah I have no experience with D&D pages, but I'd be interested in seeing profiles for the basic dragons, if that wouldn't be too much trouble to ask you to create them.
Mechanically there are differences. 3.5 in general tends to lean towards higher stats in all areas minus health- creatures tend to have higher AC and deal more damage and have more magic available to them.

I can probably look through monster manuals and such and make a basic page for a couple variants tonight, though I guess I should read the Draconomicon to see if they have any abilities not related to their core statblocks.
We going to include weird Dragon forms lile the ghost Dragon or is that it's own thing? Guess for completions sake I'll also make a profile for the last Legendary Dragon and the Great One.
Ehhh, we could just add "Non-Corporeal as a Ghost"

And yeah the other two will work.
Are the legendary dragons stronger than the normals? I would assume so because of the name but Great Wyrms have a challenge rating of like 32 (depending on the species) and I feel like I recall the legendary dragons having lower ones
Legendary Dragons are the Prismatic, Force, and Time Dragons. They have CRs in the 50s to 60s. They're the strongest stated monsters outside of some gods.

The Great One isn't a legendary Dragon persay. It's just an Immortal Dragon who's the fusion or protegentior of all dragons in Mystara.
I would do one for stellar dragons if I had any idea how to tier them. But that looks solid Bambu.