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Aqua during the Alastor vs Aqua discussion.

Alot of the responses for Alastor winning was due to his BFR with the tentacles and portals.

I was wondering as to why no one brought to the table the fact that Aqua has a passive Holy Aura, Alastors tentacles themselves are unlikely to be Voo Doo, as such they'd have to be Demonic, which means that merely touching Aqua should've purified them as Wiz was almost purified by accident alone.

This would make it so Alastor cannot force her into the portals (since people said she'd get thrown in by the tentacles), meaning his other way of BFRing, through teleporting her the same way he did Husk, is unable to function either. Since she has an immunity to Teleportation.

With this in mind, should there be a Rematch between the two?

Sorry if I messed up with any of this grammar wise, English isn't exactly my first language.