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Anyone care to create a page for Copen?

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The first Azure Striker Gunvolt has been out for two years now, and with Gunvolt 2 being recently released in Japan (and just over the horizon for us in North America), I think it's fitting to create a page for Copen.
I actually decided to start making one of my own. Check it out if you're interested and give me some feedback.
The page for Copen is complete. If anyone would like to offer any feedback or suggestions, feel free to let me know. (This is the first contribution I've ever made on this site.)
Page itself seems fine, their just a few minor formatting errors. No biggie. The basic guidelines are.

1. Use this page to make pages (click on "View Source", then copy and paste evertyhing, then paste it in the source editor)

2. Use source editor over visual editor. It might seem annoying but its actually pretty easy to use.

3. Level in Attack Potency and Durability is lower cased.
You can also simply choose the standard layout option when creating a new page.
As Darkanine said, the page seemed fine for this to be your first time (was asleep by that point so i couldn't say anything about it til' now).

But yeah, it should be fine as long as you follow the standard format (or do as what Antvasima said) and if you have the knowledge of wht the character possess (powers, stats, intelligence, range, weapons or other equipment, etc.), you should be A-alright to do pages on your own. :)
Thank you guys for the words of advice! I really like Copen and wanted him to see him have a page on this website, so I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.
No problem. I will close this topic then.
Not open for further replies.