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And u thought Bleach vs Naruto wasnt a thing anymore

really? wow... this shit's getting weird lol. so, since speed is equal, she wins. can ay's ration armor amp his speed as well, if he were to use it?
Speed is equalized and A is restricted to base so I give it to Rangiku because of her big range advantage and superior AP. She just needs to keep moving away while attacking him with Haineko.
Yeah that is my point he never fights in base form and has no abilities here. And then speed is qualised on top of that.
Well he has all the abilities besides lightning armor

both have similar powers so i dont see much of a problem
There is no proof of A not being able to use his powers in base form if u think it should be changed make a CRT but as it stands he can use all powers in both forms
Example: After covering himself in his Lightning Release Chakra Mode, A jumps into the air above his opponent and performs a downwards kick, using the momentum of the fall to increase the power behind the attack.

It says: After covering himself in his Lightning Release Chakra Mode

which he can not do in this fight because he has to be 7-C. You get my point?
And ofcourse he get lightning manipulation in base form because the form does not take away his affinity for lightning.

All of those techniques are under:

Raiton Chakura Mōdo (Lightning Release Chakra Mode): A wraps his body in a layer of lightning chakra which, instead of being used offensively, is used to electrically stimulate his nervous system. The technique speeds up neural synapses' reaction time and pushes physical prowess to the absolute limit allowing for tremendous raw speed. This mode also allows A to minimize the damage dealt by other lightning-based attacks. He can also sharpen his lightning chakra enough to neatly cut through limbs. This technique serves as the basis for A's nintaijutsu.
Its never said he cant do it without lighting armor just that he does it with lightning armor usually

not even all of his abilities have After covering himself
If you say so then. I personally dont think that is the case after seeing the layout of his page. But I vote for A via Raiga bomb.
Rangiku via flight, range, AP, and versatility via her Shikai, Bankai, and Kido, even fodder shinigami can use binding Kido.