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rangiku matsumoto

  1. Eseseso

    Minor revisions for Rangiku and Ayon

    So Ayon is a 7-A for stomping some people who are "7-C+, possibly 7-A+". Asides from the fact that he for some reason is listed as a 7-A and not a 7-A+ in the AP, SS, and durability sections on his profile, he should be "7-C+, likely High 7-A" in his tier, with the High 7-A part coming from him...
  2. LordTracer

    Rangiku Revision (TYBW Key Addition)

    Hopefully a simple revision. In Chapter 594, Rangiku (while being controlled by Giselle) clashed with base Luppi, fought him off-screen, and then in Chapter 596, she was defeated, but Luppi was visibly scuffed. As far as I know, Giselle’s zombies aren’t any stronger than their base forms, so...
  3. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Ranga (WN) vs Rangiku Matsumoto

    Another attempt at a Tenslime match. First key Ranga. Speed equalized. Incap or death. Ranga: Rangiku:
  4. ZoroNotZolo

    Hilda VS Rangiku Matsumoto

    Speed equalized, Fight takes place in Karakura Town. Rangiku is visible. Rangiku - 3 Hilda - 0
  5. ZoroNotZolo

    Teenage Adult Man Fights A Drunk Shinigami

    Adult Gon VS Rangiku Matsumoto Speed equalized, Rangiku is visible in the fight. Gon - 0 Rangiku - 1
  6. ZoroNotZolo

    Naruto Battles Tite Kubo's Best Girl

    Rangiku Matsumoto VS One-Tailed Naruto Speed equalized. Fight takes place outside Konoha. Rangiku is visible in the fight. Rangiku - 0 Naruto - 0
  7. ZoroNotZolo

    Ino Yamanaka VS Rangiku Matsumoto

    New Era Ino VS Rangiku Speed Equalized. Rangiku starts off visible. Fight takes place just outside of Konoha. Rangiku - 0 Ino - 0
  8. ZoroNotZolo

    Rangiku Matsumoto VS Flash (CW)

    Season 1 Flash (Post-Amp) VS Rangiku. Speed unequalized to make things interesting. Fight takes place in Central City, with no civilians in the vacinity. Morals are on. Victory by K.O. or death. Rangiku: 0 Flash: 0
  9. ShrekAlmighty

    And u thought Bleach vs Naruto wasnt a thing anymore

    A (Fourth Raikage) Vs Rangiku Matsumoto 7-C Versions,Speed Equalized,Standard Battle Assumptions A (Fourth Raikage) - 1 (Rocker1189) Rangiku Matsumoto - 3 (Malikobama1,Shadow,Reinhard) Additional note:Rangiku is 61.69 Kilotones, A is 43.02 Kilotones
  10. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Rukia Kuchiki vs. Rangiku Matsumoto

    The fight takes place in front of the 13th division. Squad members from both of their squads are present. Matsumoto is serious because she doesn't want to disappoint her kouhai. Pre Timeskip Rukia. Speed equalized if necessary. Who wins?