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About Quan Chi & Shao Kahn's regen


Awakened after 1000 years
VS Battles
Quan Chi's profile says he has High-Mid Regenerationn but didn't he die from scorpion chopping his head off. I don't remember him regenerating from that or did I missed something in the story.

Edit: Shau Kan's profile also says he has Low-Godly Regenerationn but didn't he nearly die from lu kang's fist going through his chest if it weren't for Quan Chi or whoever. I'm sure this Regenerationn comes from his unrestricted form but if that is the case his powers & abilities list should be slit like other characters one for his unrestricted and restricted form.
Yeah i don't get it either. Uh maybe he somehow regenerated from Raiden's suicide attack in Deception and made it to Armageddon? (Not exactly my best theory though)

I'm slightly tired so my judgement may be off a lil
As far as the Liu Kang example, no Kahn wouldn't have died from the heart punch without Quan's help, ("I am not so easily killed. Quan Chi accelerated my recovery.") but it would've taken longer for him to recover. But i believe that's restricted Kahn who took the heart punch though.
Ok thanks for clearing that up for me I couldn't remember what he said for the life of me.