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About Jiren

Pretty sure it is. However the fact that Jiren is above the GoD's is apparent from the series, plus other scans already used. So it doesn't seem necessary to use this one.
It depends on whetever it refers to being stronger than the GoD's combined, or simply surpassing the level of GoD (as in singular).
So, considering the text of the image, it is more logical to think that having a power that exceeds the GoDs refers to overcoming the power of these, not the power of the 12 combined (the latter being headcanon), isn't it?
That is the accepted logic yes. It makes much more sense really. Which is why he is Low 2-C, although he could be a borderline 2-C
Wasn't it stated that Jiren was the strongest that Goku and Vegeta ever faced. Which was stronger than Infinite Zamasu who is 2-C
Omegas03 said:
Yeah but Infinite Zamasu only got to Low 2-C output, he never expanded to 2-C which is purely hypothetical.
Can you prove to me that it was hypothetical? Cuz I can get Him to 2B but even though for this site it's considered WANK
Because he only merged with one Universe, he could have merged with the rest but he didn't have time to do such. Soo people in verse when stating Jiren > Infinite Zamasu only refer to the one we saw and not the 2-C one because they've never sensed him, lol.
Even though he was about to merge with the present timeline. and even Beerus and Whis sensed him in another timeline.

Infinite zamasu
Whis and Beerus senses Infinite Zamasu

Zamasu's presence in the Present timeline
The scan in the OP is only promotion for the manga and it's contradicted by the actual manga itself where Toppo says that Jiren is stronger than Belmod in skill alone. Manga statement > guide statement.