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About Frisk's determination


VS Battles
I've heard that Frisk's determination automatically brings him up to his opponent's level. Is this true?

If this is true, then why don't we specify this in his profile that his tiering can be anywhere from Wall Level to Multiverse Level?
I'd rather not imply they could be in any tier between Low 7-C to 2-B. From showings, Frisk has been shown to be wall level up to Small Town due to defeating enemies progressively stronger, so they probably had to fight enemies in-between, but I'm not comfortable about claiming they could be anything between Tier 7 and Tier 2.
Well he goes from defeating Town Level Asgore to being able to harm Multiversal God Flowey on the same run by virtue of a single fight, no enemies defeated in between. Of course Flowey did pretty much screw up the game, so there's that.
It doesn't mean that Frisk has level of DT for each level between those tier, such as 4-C 3-A or otherwise. That's why I think it's fine as it is.
You have a point. The profile does state that it's "Up to multiversal with enough determination" anyways.