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A Slight Problem with Kyurem and Zekrom

So, let me say right off the back, I agree with the ratings that they are placed at. However, one striking issue I have and one i don't understand is this "Vastly more powerful than Mega Rayquaza, Deoxys and Mega Mewtwo X/Y". Now this passage right here bothers me for numerous reaons

>Zekrom and Kyurem never even encouter this Pokemon at any point

>Mewtwo is consistently portrayed as one of the strongest Legendaries, period (With only a handful being comparable, such as the aforementioned Deoxys and some Gen 7 Legendaries)

And so on. Point is, can anyone explain how these two are above Mewtwo, Deoxys and or Rayquaza

Kyurem>Genesect, since Kyurem was their magnum opus instead of Genesect.


You can follow the scaling if you click on the profiles.