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(4-0-0)Frank West vs. Armsy (Frank Attempts to Solo The Forest)

I clicked on his page and regretted seeing his picture

Armsy is like almost 6 times stronger. Franky boi isn't gonna handle that well. Armsy just dominates with sheer power
Scratch that I think around six but if he was six times stronger than frank he'd be like basically 9-A
My mind reset back to 1 Megajoule frank. Not 3. My bad. He is about twice as strong since his feat was very casual. And it's a 5.8 area
Frank falls off the 1000 foot cliff and dies. GG

I don't think armsy fought someone as skilled as frank. So frank probably outskills the Power disadvantage. Ain't the first creature he has faced that's stronger than him.
Uh, you realize that the Armsy is literally worst then Eric in every way possible who Frank already beat?

Also, I think the Forest might have even higher stuff since enemies in game and the player can destroy houses with a few hits and one shot trees but that's a different topic for different day
I'm mostly doing this for clarities sake. I'm restricting Frank's weapons to give it more of a challenge too (his weapons aren't good in-game-)
Tbh, the Armsy can't do much here. All he has is AP and Durability and that's it. Frank pretty much holds every other advantage
The artifact sphere causes even nearby enemie to fear him and not want to fight him

He doesn't have this right now because his profile his outdated
The original matchup didn't have anything restricted so Eric should have stomped the original matchup

Also "It is not fine to restrict abilities in a versus matchup, implicitly or expressly. Matches that are arranged this way should not be added to the character profiles, as they don't involve their full potential, and are only intended for casual entertainment. An exception would be if the restricted ability/technique has a separate tier from the main one. In this case, the match can be added. The match can also be added if Optional Equipments such as optional power-ups and items are restricted."

~Versus Thread Rules

And the Artifact Ball is Standard Equipment so
You can still restrict standard equipment I'm pretty sure? Like you can limit master chief to a pistol. I can give frank only one weapon
Since when were you ever able to restrict Standard Equipment? Especially when Eric's Equipment is the only thing that gives him abilities in game so you would so be restricting his abilities, which are against the rules

Anyway, I'm deraling and I'll make a separate thread on this but Frank beats the Armsy via better everything expect AP and Durability
You got him a win against peter and then he lost to the mandalorian? That's all I remember. Isn't that breaking even?