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  1. MinatoSparkle

    The KCM Minato upgrade y'all knew was coming

    Currently, KCM Minato is accepted as scaling to KCM2 Naruto, and the reasoning for such is as follows. "Equal in strength to Kurama Mode Naruto, as he has the other half of Kurama’s power. When he lent some of his chakra to Naruto, the Kyuubi cloaks were noted to be bigger and stronger than...
  2. Spectra_Schiffer

    Laxus VS Pain

    Laxus Dreyar versus Six Paths of Pain --------------------------------------- • Battlefield: Tokyo • Background music: Tenrou Island • Standart Battle Assumptions • X791 | New Paths --------------------------------------- Laxus: Haterz1337, Mickey1940, TauanVictor, Fezzih_007 Pain: Incon:
  3. Vzearr

    Naruto FTL downgrade.

    The calculation: Naruto dodges Light Fang The problem: Okay, so the calc basically assumes Naruto moves the full 511.93px distance without any evidence. If we go frame by frame we see that by the time Naruto's moved his head the full 511.93 px distance, the light has far surpassed his original...
  4. Abysswalker2126

    Naruto vs One Piece youtube vid scaling Whack or Fact?

    I saw several videos on YouTube talking about One piece vs Naruto matchups and they had some supposed calcs and scaling and wanted to know if there was any merit to what they are saying or if they’re full of holes errors and fallacies and just assumptions and don’t know what they’re talking about
  5. Arkenis

    Naruto - Sasuke Intelligence CRT

    This crt is for updating Sasuke's intel to genius level as right now he's listed as above average with little explaining given. I've made a sandbox for Sasuke's intelligence here. I don't know if I'm missing something but I couldn't find much else for part 1 for his intelligence so far so if I...
  6. Deceived3596

    Asta vs Hagoromo Otsutsuki - Anti-Magic GG vs COAT GG

    ==Explanation and Conditions== I was looking through the non smurf thread, saw who occupied the 5-C tier, and realized a recently updated profile should probably be on this list. So I decided to create this match to see if Hagoromo is placeable on this list or not. (I also just find the match...
  7. sageof8paths

    Majestic Attire Susano is FAR stronger than we thought

    INTRO I’ve had this scaling in the tank for a while but I was too lazy to make it lol. This is my balls of steel 4B and Ftl+ God tier thread. I plead that you please read the arguments to understand and not just reply. If u have contentions or disagree I please ask that you explain why instead...
  8. EmperorRorepmeThree

    Kisame Profile Update

    Thread to update Kisame's profile if this is acceptable Yah: Excellence616, KingogKings777, DarkDragonMedeus, Spectra_Schiffer, Apollonir.Scale Neutral: Nah:
  9. SuperStar

    Yami Ichika Vs. Sakura Haruno (1-0-0)

    Yami Ichika Vs. Sakura Haruno Fight Location: SBA Battle Music Dark Cloaked Black Musha Ichika will be used New Era Sakura will be used Highest Zetten Strike restricted Starting Distance: 10 meters Speed Unequal Both in character Win by any means Ichika is 35.64 Exatons and 1.78c Sakura is...
  10. TegamiBachi25

    That MC from Genshin vs Some angsty kid (also best character) (0-0-0)

    Inspired by some Naruto/genshin fanfiction. other twin ends up in the shinobi world/elemental nations in konoha and meets team 7. Aether or lumine offers to train and spar with them as hiruzen lets them settle into konoha Land of waves to chunin exams part 1 sasuke vs Traveler from genshin...
  11. TegamiBachi25

    Sakura vs Yang (0-0-0)

    Part 2 Sakura vs Atlas Yang Yang has prior knowledge of Sakura’s AP and is also given a Wonder Potion Large, as well as a Revive Ring for optional equipment Speed equalized Fight takes place in Forest Ten meters apart Overhated girl: Overrated girl: Draw:
  12. Deceived3596

    Naruto Conceptual Manipulation Addition

    This should be a pretty simple thread with the evidence at hand. Rinnegan users should have Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), Life Manipulation, and Death Manipulation. The argument is as follows, the Rinnegan is stated to transcend the very concepts of Life and Death, and because of this...
  13. Arkenis

    Who Really Wins?

    Part 1 Itachi Location: Konoha but its empty, like a fake Karakura town.
  14. LuffyRuffy46307

    Goku vs Akatsuki

    Goku Classic 🆚 Akatsuki The only restrictions here will be Obito Uchiha and the Edo Tensei forms.
  15. Accelerated_Evolution

    Naruto and Sasuke fight two plumbers (0-7-0)

    Since the original thread is dead let´s do another one Birth of the Ten-Tails’ Jinchūriki Naruto and Fourth Shinobi World War Sasuke are being used Naruto starts in Sage Mode Anything over 6-C is restricted Mario and Luigi have their optional equipment of the "Mushrooms/Flowers/Stars:" section...
  16. Arkenis

    Tasha vs Naruto

    Tasha Godspell Post Training (8.68 Gigatons) KCM Naruto (4.3 Gigatons) Equal Speed SBA Location: NYC
  17. Deceived3596

    Naruto Really Smart Ig (Naruto Intelligence Rework)

    Late Christmas Present for Naruto fans. Introduction: I plan on proving that Naruto should gain a separate intelligence rating through his understanding of nature, and the “tiering” of said rating should be Extraordinary Genius under our standards. Defining Terms: Before delving into the...
  18. Fezzih_007

    Reinhard need to stop the silver haired calamity, that in not from his world (Kaguya vs Reinhard)

    They start 10 meters apart Kaguya 4-C is restricted The battle takes place in a ramdom forest on the Re:ZERO world with people already evacuated for the area Votes: Reinaldo: TheHeavenlySword, SatellaTheWoE, MysticBrawler Kaguanta :
  19. Fezzih_007

    The Big 3 (Naruto, Luffy and Ichigo) vs The Dynamic Duo (Goku Ul and Vegeta UE) Stats equal!

    I see this on Reddit, so i got a little curious if in this site is a stomp or not. Stats equalized Everyone start already transformed in they lastest strongest form (Gear 5, Ultra Instict goku etc..) excluding Naruto, who is not on Baryon Mode for this fight. Manga version of Goku and Vegeta is...
  20. Testarossa002

    Kakashi CRT

    Kamui Raikiri is currently treated as being hax in its entirety with no AP implication. Here’s the Databook entry for the jutsu Here’s the raws in case anyone wants to crosscheck Take note of the bolded part For it to warp the target away, he needs to actually pierce the target. Aka overcoming...
  21. Vithal

    No Chakra? No Cursed Energy? Maki vs Rock Lee

    Maki vs Rock Lee Rules: Peak 8-A Rock Lee and maki used Equalized Speed Location: Maki: @Blackdragonq1 @Sir_sun_man Rock Lee:
  22. Vithal

    No Chakra? No Cursed Energy? Maki vs Rock Lee

    Maki vs Rock Lee Rules: Peak 8-A Rock Lee and maki used Equalized Speed Location: Maki: Rock Lee:
  23. Robo432343

    Mihawk vs Sasuke

  24. Brogeefrong

    New Gen vs Old Gen Underdog Edition | Asta vs Naruto | 0-0-0

    ah the underdog (wat the dog doin?) rising up to be a very super cool dude and they have close tiers? ok they fight they fighting to see who is the more cooler Land of the Sun Asta is used, starts in Partial Devil Union and can use Zetten | 35.64 Exatons, 712.8 Exatons with Zetten War Arc Six...
  25. DaReaperMan

    Madara said "Settra serves"

    Both 5-C Start 10 meters away Battle takes place in Egypt Speed Equal Madara: 0 Settra the Imperishable, Great King, the Imperishable, Khemrikhara, The Great King of Nehekhara, King of Kings, Opener of the Way, Wielder of the Divine Flame, Punisher of Nomads, The Great Unifier, Commander of...
  26. Robo432343

    Gol D. Roger vs Hashirama Senju

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Gol_D._Roger vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hashirama_Senju SBA Both 6-B Speed Equal fight!!!
  27. KingTempest

    Naruto: Chibaku Tensei LS Revision

    Currently, 8 tailed V2 Naruto scales to the entire weight of the Chibaku Tensei because he escaped the pull. This is not how we scale lifting strength. We don't scale people to celestial bodies for outmoving portions of their pull. I don't think we've ever done that before. Regardless of how...
  28. Patates

    Minor naruto addition: Soul mp resistance

    I started the topic by asking why normal shinobi die instantly in a human path attack, but kcm1 naruto resists for a long time. While a normal shinobi can be killed instantly, kcm1 naruto finds his soul sucked and weakened after 3 panels. In this case, we already know that he has a soul...
  29. Spectra_Schiffer

    Naruto Versus Luffy (2-9-0) GRACE

    BM Naruto versus Gear 5 Luffy Two rivals of many years meet in the Low 5-B tier Battlefield: Shibuya Standard Battle Assumptions Naruto: Apollonir.Scale, vMintyBoi1 Luffy: UchihaSlayer96, Godernet, TauanVictor, LordGinSama, Crobatman44, That_moron2, SlendVeny, Kachon123, Spectra_Schiffer Incon:
  30. Robo432343

    Aizen vs Madara

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sosuke_Aizen vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha Both 5-C SBA Speed Equal
  31. Shadowbokunohero

    Minato vs Naruto vs Boruto, Three Generations of Blond boi's fight

    (Image not representative of the versions, it just looked cool) Hokage Alive Minato, KCM 1 Naruto and Omnipotence Arc Boruto get dropped in Fake Karakura town, they start 1KM away from one another, Winner via either incapacitation or death. Speed is Equalized. Minato- 4.2 Gigatons...
  32. Brogeefrong

    It had to be done | Naruto and Sasuke vs Luffy and Zoro | 11-0-0 (grace ended)

    The 5-C downgrade happened for Naruto Now it's time for One Piece vs Naruto again War Arc Six Paths Naruto and Sasuke are used Luffy and Zoro are both Post Wano Pirates are >33.6 Exatons, and Luffy is 1.381 Zettatons with the Bajrang Gun Ninja's are 88 Exatons in Base, 177 Exatons in SPSM, and...
  33. Arkenis

    Naruto vs JJK - Sasuke vs Toji

    VS SBA Equal Speed Chūnin Exams Finals Sasuke Sasuke: > 223.98T Toji: > 260.58T Location: Forest of Death Suske: Arkenis, SuperStar, Uzukeas, PrinceofPein Toegee: Nierre, Cisco, LordGinSama, That_moron2, Arnold Incon: Gianny, Tony_di_bugalu (lean to sasuke), TauanVictor
  34. SlendVeny

    Naruto vs One Piece: Romance Dawn

    Chunin Exams Naruto vs East Blue Luffy. Speed Equalized. KN0 and Gamabunta restricted. Battle takes place in the forest where Luffy grew up Fox: Monke: BoS Ichigo wipes:
  35. That_moron2

    Yuji Fights A Ninja

    Naruto (Storm Series) vs Itadori Yuji Speed Equal First Key Base Naruto (203.49 Tons) and Post-Shibuya Yuji (230.46 Tons) are used. Itadori: Naruto: Incon:
  36. Deceived3596

    Toneri's Magnum Sword

    An incredibly simple thread, one which I'm not entirely sure even needs to be made given how self-evident it is, but I'm still making it anyway. Toneri should have Weapon Creation since he's capable of creating weaponry by combining his chakra with his TSO's, while in his Tenseigan state.
  37. MadaraZKX

    Shino's profile revision

    There's not much to say about this, other than the fact that I added descriptions, scans, references and some abilities that were missing from Shino's abilities, as well as the general abilities that every ninja has (which have already been accepted in Jiraiya's profile). I didn't make any...
  38. Robo432343

    Obito vs Reinhard Van Astrea

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Obito_Uchiha vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Reinhard_van_Astrea Both 6-C SBA Otherwise Speed =
  39. Robo432343

    Madara vs Sakanashi

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Madara_Uchiha vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sakanashi Both Low 6-B SBA otherwise Speed =
  40. Ryuga21

    Itachi Uchiha vs Kuma (One Piece)

    Is there any character who has a more painful life than these two in HST? It is the battle of those who carry heavy loads of unfair nails, only one will win. SBA; No prior knowledge; 6-C Itachi [First-Key - 4.3GT]; High 7-A Kuma [upscales >>> 1.78GT]; Speed is Equal - Battle takes place at...