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  1. KingogKings777

    Naruto's True Son's resistence

    Simple and easy(a lie). Kawaki currently has this listed on his profile but there is no reason given and he does not have the Byakugan like Boruto has. So I recommend removing the resistance since there is no reason for him to have it and he has not shown the ability or statements for it...
  2. Notsussybaka900

    Overestimation Tournament: Itachi VS The Player (Naruto VS Minecraft)

    Tournament Let us begin. @theultimate5105’s Itachi: @Oliver_de_jesus’s Player: No logic allowed.
  3. YoutubeForKing

    Isshiki, Daemon and Shikamaru CRT.

    Isshiki Limited Fire Manipulation (Can use natural fire that he took from Kashin Koji ) Limited Air Manip, Durability Negation (Can use the two rasengans that he took from Naruto ) He also took one from Boruto, it should still have Air manip and Durability Negation. Weakness for...
  4. WorldMike2B

    Boruto's kāma seal during Ch.78

    With Boruto ch.78, I have seen Boruto's new progression with his Kāma seal. He is now able to use the True Essense state although this time his right eye isn't a Byakugan and the pattern on his face isn't the pattern when Momoshiki would possess his body. And the same thing can be said for...
  5. Deceived3596

    Akatsuki vs Eleven Supernovas

    Naruto vs One Piece threads are always enjoyable to read, and be a part of, so I decided to create one, putting the most popular groups from both shows against each other and seeing who wins. SBA Stats Equalized (AP, Speed, Durability etc) Strongest Iterations Combatants: Vs “We are...
  6. KingogKings777

    Tsunade would have left Snake man hanging

    Simple and easy. Should be changed to the following along with the justification of Spiritual level being removed. My reasoning for this is cause she could not heal Naruto's injuries if he used rasenshuriken again since it cut the chakra network. And what happened to Orochimaru's arms? They...
  7. Boruto and Momoshiki CRT

    Boruto and Momoshiki should get combat applicable future sight/clairvoyance. Derivative of Momoshiki’s Clairvoyance. Agree: Kin201, KingogKings777(Disagree with Boruto having combat applicable clairvoyance, agrees with the rest), Tdjwo, LuffyRuffy46307, AnimesFreak2, NaruRiasUzumaki...
  8. KingogKings777

    Naruto's small black balls downgrade

    Simple and maybe easy. TSB should have the Possibly Space-Time Manipulation removed and should have power negation downgraded to limited power negation seeing as it could not nullify Kamui which is a space time ninjutsu which proves the statement of them negating all ninjutsu false. Kamui...
  9. PrinceofPein

    Akame vs Hidan (Rematch)

    Making a rematch of this thread, since it was SBA, meaning killing is the answer to it And all of the votes were based on Murasame killing Hidan, but well I came late and I proved that Murasame will not work on Hidan. So this to be a rematch to fix the match This time to make it fair, Either...
  10. Imaginym

    Another Neji matchup

    Neji vs Neji Neji is in his 2nd key, & Neji is in her 1st key; Both are at 8-A. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place inside Central Park, New York, but there's a hollow cube (Minus the bottom face, so that Central Park's ground is accessible.) that is 24 meters long along all of its sides &...
  11. V999

    Akame VS Hidan (8-0-0) This can be add

    Akame Ga Kill VS Naruto • Speed are equalized • Both are 7-B • EOS Akame is used • Akame is 33.43 megatons • Hidan is 53.15 megatons • Location : Random Forest Akame : 8 (@Popted2, @Arnoldstone18, @Tatsumi504, @Doggo, @V999, @Peppersalt43, @KobsterHope07, @DemonicDude) Hidan : Inconclusive :
  12. GokuSparkle

    P2 Naruto AP Upgrade (+Changes to related characters)

    Agree: 11 Disagree: 0
  13. Imaginym

    Pig Boy vs Pig Girl

    Pig Boy is in his 3rd key. Pig Girl is in her 1st key. Speed is equalized. Pig Girl is Bloodlusted, & has Prior Knowledge of Pig Boy. AFAIK, Pig Boy scales to 70.1 tons. & Pig Girl scales to either 12.2 tons or 18.5 tons, but I don't know which. In fact, I'm not sure where in their scaling...
  14. KochengPutih

    The Battle of Sharks (Jinbe vs Kisame)

    Jinbe vs Kisame SBA Both in characters Battle take at Final Valley One Piece's Shark(Jinbe) claps other: Naruto's Shark(Kisame) claps other: Bleach's Shark (Tier Harribel) claps both (incon):
  15. Two Mentors Fight to the Death

    Both Mentors from the Big Three, Both with hidden ties to the secondary Main Antagonists. Kakashi Hatake(Double Mangekyo Sharingan) Vs Kisuke Urahara(Thousand Year Blood War) Both Serious and Depending on how things go can eventually get Bloodlusted out of Desperation. Kakashi starts with...
  16. YoutubeForKing

    Obito runs into the Golden Dawn

    Juubito(controlled) vs The golden dawn. Yuno (first key), Langris(Second key), Mimosa(Second Key) and William(Second Key) They meet him in the middle of the forest and catch him by surprise. Speed is = Start distance 100 meters. Obito is bloodlusted Obito > 98.35 teratons Yuno (with spirit...
  17. Shadow_Somnius

    Naruto: Minato Downgrade

    Very controversial but I will present straightforward evidence. My first serious CRT, let's see how it goes. Minato was stated to be surpassed by PA SM Naruto. There's not much to explain here. The strongest evidence. An explicit, direct statement from Fukasaku. C states that Base A4 is...
  18. Robo

    Naruto vs Shadow

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(Storm_Series)#Road_To_Boruto VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shadow_(Shadow_Fight) Both Low 2-C Speed = SBA
  19. Arkenis

    Top 10 Strongest Non-Smurfs: Itachi vs Doflamingo

    Itachi Uchiha VS Donquixote Doflamingo 7-A Equal Speed SBA Bird guy: Nierre, Kachon Emo guy: Arkenis
  20. YungManzi

    Composite Big Three Vs. Composite Isekai Quartet

    Composite Bleach, Naruto, & One Piece Vs. Composite Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, Youjo Senki, Shield Hero, & Cautious Hero Rules: 1) Speed Equal 2) No tier 2 people or people with tier 2 powers. 3) Canon versions only. 4) Equalized AP. Who wins?
  21. Braking

    Orphan Ninjas (Raiden vs Naruto)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Raiden_(Metal_Gear)?so=search#Custom_Cyborg_Body Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(Part_II:_Pre-War_Arc)#Sage_Mode 7-B vs High 7-A Naruto is in sage mode Raiden is at his peak Speed equal. Chopper: Naruto: incon:
  22. WorldMike2B

    Sasuke's abilites during Sasuke Retsuden

    So with the Sasuke Retsuden manga ending and with the Sasuke Retsuden anime having already ended. I feel that I should bring up the feats that Sasuke was able to do in the Sasuke Retsuden arc. I want to discuss the feats he had shown during that arc. Earth Release: Sasuke was able to use Earth...
  23. Mussdit

    About Naruto dodged Light Fang Calc(FTL 2.11 C)

    Discuss this calc : https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:M3X/Naruto:_Naruto_dodged_Light_Fang Problem : • Why does the Staff in steps 1 & 2 have the same Pixel values, but have different Meter values? • Where do these two values come from? from the pixel scale? The first step suddenly...
  24. Robo

    Can Gokuism sense Chakra Energy (Naruto)

  25. WorldMike2B

    Kawaki's Dōjutsu in Ch.77

    With the release of Boruto Ch.77, Kawaki's progression with Isshiki's dōjutsu has now been upgraded from using up to four spokes to now five spokes. And he's able to use the dōjutsu to use Kāma Rift.
  26. omegabronic

    Naruto vs goku, but universally fair now(Grace)

    so, now there is a universal+ naruto, everyone knew this was gonna happen when the profile was up super sayan blue Goku from the Post-second Ultra Instinct -Sign-/Broly Saga key is used naruto from the Road To Boruto key is used speed equalized naruto's Resurrection, Statistics...
  27. Doggo

    Darth Vader Vs Obito Uchiha

    I'm doing this match while its still possible Both at their peak Speed equalized In-Character Fight takes place in a random forest Darth Vader: Obito Uchiha: Incon
  28. GokuSparkle

    Itachi vs Pain

    That's right, I'm opening up the flame war again, now that Itachi's officially a SM Naruto slayer like Pain is. P1 Itachi and the 6 Paths of Pain are used. Speed equalized. Nagato is as close to the Pains as he was against Naruto. Solo God: 1 Invincible God: 3 Obito recks:
  29. God243

    Can Naruto solo fiction?

  30. Arc7Kuroi

    Y'all Remember that Naruto Moon Hole Calc?

    As the title says, Clover once made a calc for when Naruto gets his chakra ripped out of him and blows a hole in the Moon, but it got rejected due to inconsistent hole sizes. I made a calc that addresses that two ways. First, it assumes the hole is a a truncated cone instead of a cylinder (using...
  31. LeOuterCore

    Boruto Characters Speed Upgrade

    This upgrade depends on whether the following stuff can be applied to speed. Also, this is a preeettyy long chain so it might be invalid. So we all know Naruto dodging the light fang is 2.11c, right? And Sasuke is relative to that, which means he is 2.11c as well. Kinshiki was able to keep up...
  32. Reio35

    Bijuu Bomb Downgrade

    Bijuu bombs are currently accepted as vaporization using this Calc. In order to get vaporization their has to no remains of matter during the after math of the explosion. "Vaporisation: Applied when the matter that was destroyed was vaporised during the attack. Much like for Pulverization, we...
  33. WorldMike2B

    Code, Ada, and Daemon updated feats, update from Boruto ch.75

    During Boruto chapter 75, Amado reveals the existence of Shinjutsu (Divine Techniques) that the Ōtsutsuki Clan uses. Amado had revealed that the Kāma seal that Boruto, Kawaki, Code, and Jigen received is a Shinjutsu ability. He also revealed that the unnamed Dōjutsu that Isshiki later inherited...
  34. WorldMike2B

    Kawaki's Dojutsu Update

    After Boruto ch.65-67, we saw Kawaki having a rebranded kāma seal, an "Artificial Kāma" seal with the added benefit of Kawaki being able to use Isshiki's powers without getting possessed. Being able to use Isshiki's unnamed dōjutsu and using more power from Isshiki's kāma, freely being able to...
  35. WorldMike2B

    Boruto's kāma seal after Ch.63

    From Boruto ch.63 and 64, we saw a new transformation for Boruto's kāma seal. Boruto did this because he took Amado's "special meds" that target the Byakugan to slow down the process of Boruto's kāma seal from extraction turning him into Momoshiki, and slowing down his revival. Which actually...
  36. Deceived3596

    Edo Tensei Regeneration Downgrade

    Premise: We currently scale Edo Tensei's regeneration to Low-Godly given the fact Deidara states an Edo Tensei can continuously regenerate their physical form as long as their soul remains intact, now this was fine before a certain rule was set in-place a couple days ago in regards to how we...
  37. foxhunter

    Yuji vs naruto

    Yuji can have access to sukuna as a last resort This be part 1 naruto final valley Speed equal both will start at base https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(Part_I) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Ryomen_Sukuna_(Jujutsu_Kaisen) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuji_Itadori
  38. KingKenjo

    Why are the Naruto characters City Level?

    I have been hopping from page to page for ages trying to find a feat that makes sense, but I am always led in a circle that leads back to Kisame and I can feel my brain turning to mush. Please help me understand, I am going insane. They keep saying City Level characters scale to Mountain Level...
  39. SatellaTheWoE

    God Gobta (WN) vs Naruto from Naruto Shippuden

    The literal God vs Big ass Fox Naruto vs Gobta SBA Speed equalized Lets see how this goes

    Why is Naruto "likely" Large Planet lvl ?

    Why is Naruto "likely" Large Planet lvl ? There is no multiplier for Baryon Mode.
  41. Shadowbokunohero

    Tsunade (Naruto) vs All for One (My Hero Academia)

    In this alternative Universe, All for One attacks the hidden leaf while Naruto is away training to become a Sage. Tsunade the Fifth Hokage has to step up. *Speed is Equalized *Shippuden Era Tsunade and Prime AFO Tsunade: OFA:
  42. What Do You Think About This Video?

    This talks about how big the naruto planet is.
  43. What Do You Think About This Video?

    This video talks about how big the naruto planet is.
  44. Deceived3596

    Reio35's Greatest Nightmare Given Form (He's Crying As We Speak Edition) (Boruto Profile Creation)

    Title inspired by the greatest CRT title creator ever @AlexSoloVaAlFuturo. Profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Deceived3596/Misc_Profile_Revisions_(Manga) Explanation: After spending a couple hours yesterday and today I've finally finished creating Shibai's profile, yes i...
  45. Axl233

    Kenshiro vs Madara and Obito

    i'm cannot think of any other fair matchup between Ken and othe naturo characters. -Battle Takes place at the valley of the end -seals lifted ken with Tenryū Kokyū -Both Jubi Madara and Obito -And speed is equalized Ken: Madara and Obito : Incon:
  46. GokuSparkle

    Adult Sakura 100H Upgrade

    Currently, Adult Sakura only has one rating for her AP, but she should have Higher with 100 Healings cause that's literally stated to boost power, and Tsunade's feats with it also show this very clearly, with 100H Tsunade one shotting Madara who tanked her kick in base. Her adult key should be...
  47. Shadowbokunohero

    Vegeta (Dragonball) Vs Sakura Haruno (Naruto)

    First Key Vegeta: New Era Sakura: 1 (Arc *Speed is Equalized *Battle takes place at hogwarts
  48. Axl233

    Sasuke vs Guts

    this is Pre-Shippuden Sasuke in the Chuunin Exams Finals vs Berserk Armor Guts Battle takes Place in The Forest of the Death Distance 20 meters Sasuke:0 Guts: 1 Incon:0
  49. SatellaTheWoE

    Aldebaran vs Neji Hyuga

    Disabled Subaru (Aldebaran) vs That one under developed side character (Neji Hyuga) both are bloodlusted Speed equalized 8B keys Al: @SatellaTheWoE @jojo123 @Artorimachi_Meteoraft Neji:
  50. Deceived3596

    I'm Trying To Gain The Naruto Savior Role (Naruto Resistance Upgrade Thread)

    Pretty simple thread, characters who resist TSO’s should also resist Deconstruction for the exact same reason why they resist Existence Erasure, they’re able to interact with and swat away TSO’s which have these effects. Characters this would affect: Naruto Uzumaki Sasuke Uchiha Madara Uchiha...
  51. Would Thor (GoW) able to hold his own against Jubi (aka ten-tails)

    Your thoughts?
  52. Naitodesu

    From Moonrise to Moonset Match 8: Chakax vs Hashirama Senju

    MATCH CONDITIONS: The match takes place in Windsor Castle, in the inner courtyard of the upper ward Starting distance is 10 meters Characters will be given only partial knowledge of all their opponent's abilities, particularly any dangerous abilities or immortalities Characters will be given...
  53. Arkenis

    Ms Sasuke and Itachi small addition

    Sasuke and Itachi should have resistance to pain manipulation on a cellular level. So using the Susanoo continuously would start to make his cells hurt which after this we know he uses the susanoo against Danzo and is generally fine.
  54. Deceived3596

    Kon vs Jirobo - The Muscle vs The Fat

    👂👁️ 👄👁️👂 SBA Speed Equalized 7-C Versions of both characters Vs "King of New York" - "Naruto's Strongest Character" - KingTempest - "Bromance" -
  55. Kawaki vs Asta

    Both to their latest keys Kawaki has access to Sukunahikona and Karma. Asta has access to Zetten. Location: Spade kingdom Castle Both in Character. Naruto’s Hunting Dog: Midget of the Black Bulls:
  56. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    This Tsunade calc got buried, should be given more attention

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Wrath_Of_Itachi/Naruto:_Tsunade_Stops_Manda%27s_Charge This puts Tsunade at Class T LS, this affects all characters that are comparable or stronger than her
  57. YoutubeForKing

    Can the knight stop the infinite tsukuyomi? Arthur vs Madara

    Arthur Boyle vs One Rinnegan Madara Uchiha. Speed is = 10 meters apart Bloodlusted. Battle takes place on Soul Eaters moon Arhur has knowledge on Limbo and how dangerous TSO is. Bringer of World Peace - 2 (@YoutubeForKing, @Pain_to12) Dragon slaying Knight - 0 Incon - 0
  58. Toast

    Looking for thematically interesting match ups for writing practice.

    Good day, everyone, and quick disclaimer, this’ll be a bit long. Bleach has returned after ten odd years, and I felt it was only right to give some lesser used characters on here a good battle or two (Like Chad or Ulquiorra) with some other characters from the rest of the Holy Shonen Trinity...
  59. SuperStar

    Small Question Regarding a Versus Rule

    So our versus rules state that: Please refrain from making versus threads pitting Kaguya Ōtsutsuki and Madara Uchiha against characters from One Piece and Bleach. These threads tend to turn very bad and derail quickly. The staff are sick and tired of dealing with them. But yet this match up...
  60. Toast

    What exactly are the restrictions for matches between the Holy Shonen Trinity?

    Bleach is back in action now, so I felt like doing a few (likely unbalanced but hopefully still fun) matches in the fun and games section with some of its characters. That’s when I remembered that there was something somewhere about issues arising when there were matches between Big Three...
  61. Arc7Kuroi

    ETSO Reio35 Edition

    Introduction So I'm evil now this is a tentative downgrade maybe it won't end up as a downgrade, but I'll elaborate further. This is clearly the brain child of Deceived. Addressing ETSO's Creation Our creation page states the following, Lastly, the creation of the object(s) in question needs...
  62. noninho

    Goth Waifu x Angry Alien

    Our Little Rae-rae and the biggest baddest multidimensional alien so far are both on a plain ambient with no obstacles White Raven and Isshiki reincarnated (if the time limit becomes a huge problem, i'll edit and use Isshiki ) Speed is = Raven: 1 Isshiki Ootsutsuki:
  63. Kamenriderblaze

    Well about naruto being some where universal ?

  64. Asta vs Naruto & Sasuke (Verse Eq)

    Asta vs Naruto and Sasuke. All prime. Verse Eq. Speed Eq. Who wins?
  65. Orochimaru & Sasuke’s Universe

    Why are their internal universes (yes i said their because Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru’s) not accepted? Aren’t they clearly stated to be universes in all translations?
  66. GokuSparkle

    Minor Naruto Revision (MS Sasuke/SM Naruto/Alive Itachi)

    Sasuke (and Naruto): When Naruto and Sasuke clashed at the FKS, both Naruto and Sasuke saw that they'd die if they fought each other. And this should naturally be about them at their FP if it's a fight to the death. To add support to this, Naruto stated he needed KCM to beat Sasuke and Sasuke...
  67. M_Animefan

    Rock Lee (Chunin Exams) VS Gyomei Himejima (KNY)

    Rock Lee starts with 4th Gate: Speed is equalized!! Rock Lee (Chunin Exams) Versus Gyomei Himejima (KNY)
  68. M_Animefan

    AFO (MHA) VS Tobi (Naruto Shippuden)

    AFO (MHA): VERSUS Tobi (Naruto Shippuden): Speed is equalized! Random Encounter.
  69. YoutubeForKing

    Naruto vs Luffy.

    "SAGE OF SIX PATHS" Naruto Uzumaki vs "SUN GOD NIKA" Monkey D. Luffy Starting distance 1 meter apart Both in character but trying to kill = speed Naruto starts in Kurama six paths mode, but can take out his avatar| Luffy starts in his Gear 5. Location "EE, Matter Manip, Dura Neg, Regen...
  70. SuperStar

    Naruto Vs. Deku but it's finally not a stomp (9-5-0) (Concluded)

    Izuku Midoriya (Deku) (Final Act) Vs. Naruto Uzumaki (Part II: Pre-War Arc) Fight Location: Kamino, Yokohama Battle Music Starting Distance: 50 Meters 45% Deku will be used Naruto in his first key and starts off at KN4 100% Deku restricted Speed Equal Both in character Deku's AP is 550...
  71. Shadowbokunohero

    Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi Vs Naruto and Sasuke [Tag team duel of Fates]

    Revenge of the Sith Keys for Obi Wan and Anakin (Canon) Sasuke Retrieval Arc for Naruto and Sasuke . ( any forms or attacks above 8-A Restricted) Naruto & Sasuke: Anakin & Kenobi: * Battle takes place within a giant version of Andy's room from Toy Story.
  72. TheGreatBanana

    Catch these shonen hands!!

    A battle betwen three shonen characters. Dragon ball, Naruto and One piece!.... Each verse has all of their characters from across the anime and manga fused into one being. Thus Naruto have all characters fused into one being, so does One peice and Dragon ball. Each one of those fusions gets all...
  73. M_Animefan

    Uryu vs Sasuke vs Zoro vs Yuno vs Dynamite vs Megumi vs Genos vs Shizue vs Gray vs Arthur (all stats are equalized)

    Uryu Ishida (Bleach) Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto Shippuden) Roronoa Zoro (One Piece) Yuno Grinberryall (Black Clover) Dynamite (My Hero Academia) Megumi Fushiguro (Jujutsu Kaisen) Genos (One Punch Man) Shizue Izawa (Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken) Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)...
  74. Abysswalker2126

    Tomura Shigaraki Vs The Third Tsuchikage

    Ohnoki Vs Tomura 7-A Vs 7-A Speed Equalized Venue is the Kannabi Bridge Ohnoki: Tomura:
  75. YoutubeForKing

    Naruto vs Sung Jin-Woo

    Naruto (Final Key) vs Sung Jin-Woo (Final Key). Both 5-B Speed is NOT = they start 20 meters apart and BLOODLUSTED 👿 Strength. Naruto is 79.2 zettatons with SPSM but scales far higher with his kurama avatar and even higher with his Asura Kurama Avatar. Jin Woo scales above 59.44 zettatons and...
  76. zenkai

    Naruto Is Universal

    Naruto is universal. Firstly I want to provide the definition for a universe. As stated here, a universe is all of space, time and their contents. As such, Kaguya’s pocket dimension (seen below) can be considered to be of a universal scale, due to it explicitly being stated it is the...
  77. Shadowbokunohero

    Zabuza vs Kimimaro

    * Battle takes place by the Samurai Bridge * Speed is equalized *CS2 is restricted for Kimimaro The Demon of the Hidden Mist: The Superior Sound Four:
  78. eliaspower1234

    Shinra vs Naruto

    New era Naruto vs Shinrabanshoman Speed is EQUALIZED 💀💀💀💀💀 20 meters apart forgive me for this
  79. Deceived3596

    Boruto's Most Important Character Finally Actualized (Code HATES Him After He Got His Pockets Checked, On 55th Street Custer)

    He's finally become reality on this wiki.... the only reason to read and watch Boruto has come.... i'm happy to announce that the GOAT's profile has finally been created by yours truly over the span of a couple hours, and i wish to reward this verse with the best character within your fiction...
  80. Shadowbokunohero

    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Vs Sakura Haruno

    * Adult Sakura: * Marvel Comics Captain Marvel: 4 *Both Are 5-B * Speed Equalized * Battle takes place in Squidwards home. * Battle Theme song
  81. Deceived3596

    Ji Ning Vs Itachi Uchiha - Ryu's Husbando Vs WOI's Husbando

    🗿 SBA Speed Equalized Goonery Allowed Ji Ning (Wanxiang Adept) Vs Itachi Uchiha (Edo Tensei) "Soulshaker Art GG 🇧🇷" - "Genjutsu GG 🤓" - "Reiatsu Crush GG 🗿" -
  82. Shadowbokunohero

    Naruto Vs Ichigo vs Luffy vs Meliodas vs Natsu vs Goku Vs Asta Vs Yuji Vs Tanjiro Vs Denji vs Perry Vs Deku

    Did one of these last year but some of the characters have gotten upgrades since then Speed is equalized AP is equalized Everyone is in character No RC Everyone starts 30 meters apart Battle takes place at an Infinite coachella * No AP or Speed amps If characters form has a specific time...
  83. BASS vs NARUTO

    please don't be a stomp ● Rules : ▪both at 5-A; ▪Speed is =; ▪Treeble and robot masters waepons are Restricted; ▪battle location : moon; BASSNIUM: BARYON: INCON: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bass_(Classic) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(New_Era)
  84. Vithal

    Orochimaru vs Six Paths of Pain

    Orochimaru vs Pain Lore: Orochimaru before attacking the konoha decides to get rinnegan. Location: Rain village Rules: They both have basic information about each other + Orochimaru has prior knowledge about Pain's abilities. Orochimaru has 1 month prep time Part 1 Orochimaru and Six Paths...
  85. YoutubeForKing

    Meliodas and Zeldris Vs Naruto and Sasuke

    Meliodas and Zeldris vs Naruto and Sasuke. All 6-C. Meliodas is in his Third Key and Zeldris is in his first. Naruto is in his third key but can't use any High 6-C and Low 6-B Sasuke is in his fourth key but cant use jugo's curse seal. Speed and Verse = Meldris - Me, Arkenis, Makai, Speedster...
  86. YoutubeForKing


    Nevermind this verse is hated.
  87. Quangotjokes

    Good Ninja Vs Evil Knight

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Naruto_Uzumaki_(New_Era)?so=search Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Sepulchure?so=search Planet level versions Speed equal
  88. CiscoTheSoto

    Goku vs Might Guy

    Goku vs Might Guy Battle location: Valley of the End Starting distance: 50 meters Both in-character Speed is equalized Saiyan Saga Goku and Eighth Gate Guy are used Kaio-Ken: 7 (@UchihaSlayer96, @denzeelmao, @OneRhasstyBoi, @Dread, @TauanVictor, @Godernet, @Panache_x) Eight Gates: Oozaru...
  89. Deceived3596

    Kisuke Urahara Vs Obito Uchiha - The Shinigami Vs The Shinobi

    SBA All Stats Equalized (AP, Speed, Dura etc) No RC and Obito can see and interact with Kisuke. Kisuke's Key - TYBW Arc Obito's Key - Juubito Vs "There is nothing, but fear reflected in your sword. When you dodge, you're afraid of getting killed. When you attack, you're afraid of killing...
  90. Reio35

    Naruto resistance to powernull and erasure removal

    Six paths users aren't resistant to powernull and erasure. They just have nature energy which is the weakness of tso
  91. Kawaki and Code CRT

    Isn’t it time for a profile update/CRT for Kawaki and Code?
  92. Naruto Teleportation

    In this specific scan, Boruto says that Naruto teleported to him. Should Naruto be given Teleportation in his new era profile?
  93. Nagato can create a planet?

    In Naruto chapter 551 Kabuto states that Nagato could create a new planet right here Could this count in scaling given that multiple different people with this exact ability have shown the ability to create at least Moon sized constructs with the exact ability and the Country to arguably...
  94. Shikamaru’s Durability

    Why does shikamaru have town level durability even though he survived being hit by Toneri’s Silver Wheel Reincarnation Explosion which had equal power comparable to Naruto’s Planetary Rasengan and was capable of destroying part of the moons exterior crust
  95. chosen

    Naruto downgrade

    What happened with Small City for People like 1 tail Kid Naruto and city for alot of people?
  96. Mazdoesstuff

    Revising Deku’s Percentages

    So, I think we’re all aware that Deku’s percentages exponentially increase between his tiers, and that it’s constantly reflected within the show. However, this isn’t accurately depicted in the gaps between a few of Deku’s tiers. Although the gap between 45% and 100% is AT LEAST a gap of 2.22x...
  97. Mazdoesstuff

    Minor MHA CRT

    Here we go. Deku needs Resistance to Power Mimicry (Monoma was unable to copy One For All due to the mechanics behind it being an accumulation power, nor was he able to manifest any of the quirks that came with it) Deku also needs Accelerated Development (One For All is capable of growing...
  98. YoutubeForKing

    Madara vs Garou

    Madara Vs Garou. BLOODLUSTED 😈 Inf tsukuyomi is restricted. Both 5-C SBA otherwise Garou is at his peak (Final/Third Post Sage-Centipede Form) Madara is at his Peak (Dual Rinnegan plus sharingan). They start 10 meters apart. Madara downscales from 201 Exatons. Notable Wincons - Existence...
  99. BlastX

    Curse Mark Users Weakness addition + Other shit

    Greetings everyone, here with another Naruto CRT from my part after so long. So to cut to the chase, Curse Mark Users have a Weakness that's not been added to the profiles. The Curse Mark Erodes the body and continuous use of it will cause them to lose a lot of chakra and eventually themselves...