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zenkichi hitoyoshi

  1. Potemkat

    Medaka Box power

    Medaka Box characters are put City Block level 8-B but I don't see the reason why in any profiles. It's very weird because the things they did aren't so strong I think.
  2. Catpija

    Minor Medaka Luck Addition

    Since this is minor, i will just go straight at it. Unzen can type the correct password of a limitless letter one, manifesting a chance of 1 in infinite with his luck(Chp 45). Medaka and the Ancient Hero will naturally scales to this as their luck far exceed all Abnormals, and Zenkichi can...
  3. QuasiYuri

    Medaka Box "big" revision: Let's add quotes to people

    Too lazy to do a real revision, but still want an excuse to go through Medaka Box pages. Anyway, a lot of characters lack a quote or have a bad/cut one (Shiranui, I'm looking at you), so I'm proposing some for 'em and let you guy choose which one you prefer (or if we just keep 'em all). Would...
  4. ElixirBlue

    Sonic's FateHax vs Zenkichi Hitoyoshi's Devil Style

    I want to ask a quick question. Sonic's FateHax, Sonic always wins, was never stated to be Fate Manipulation. It could possibly be Theory of Narrative Causality due to the Sega Mandates that ordered the writers of Archie Sonic to follow: Sonic must always win, Amy can only have a crush on...
  5. DragonEmperor23

    Minor Medaka Box CRT

    I finished the series recently and looked through the pages and noticed some things that could use rewording. For one, Zenkichi's fourth key. It lists Contradictory Conjuction twice in a redundant matter. "Can make the impossible possible (Via Contradictory Conjunction), Probability...
  6. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Bad Luck vs Anti-Bad Luck

    I came up with this while taking out the trash. Should be fun for a bit. Zenkichi during the Kumagawa Arc (8-B) vs Qrow (At least 8-B). Both are Hypersonic+ so no equalizing speed today. Yay. Fight takes place in Hakoniwa Academy, to give Zenkichi a slight advantage, and SBA otherwise...
  7. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Bug-Eaten vs A Medaka Box Character

    Student Council Secretary vs Sniper Rat Kumagawa Arc Zenkichi. Speed is equalised. Fight takes place in Tilted Tower. They start 100m Away
  8. Mefre

    Zenkichi Hitoyoshi VS Higashikawa Mamoru

    Since this won't be a fight to death and more for curiosity I put it in the fun and games category. So Zenkichi Hitoyoshi and Higashikawa Mamoru has a voting competition. (simelar to what happend in the Medaka Box Manga) to see who gets the most votes. It takes place at a random a school where...
  9. QuasiYuri

    Medaka Box Styles revisions

    Styles should have Resistance to Power Mimicry, since The End can't copied them. Iihiko should have the same since he's Irreversible Destruction was said to be a form of style and wasn't able to be copied by Medaka. Contradictory Conjunction should have Resistance Negation since Fukurou created...
  10. Creaturemaster971

    Medaka Box POSSIBLE scaling rule

    So... I have been reviewing the series, and it is made very clear time, and time, and time, and time again that all of the named characters in Medaka Box are comparable in a physical fight, with very few exceptions (End God Mode Medaka and Iihiko are the only ones that come to mind). All of them...
  11. Creaturemaster971

    Potential Upgrade For "Low-Tier" Medaka Box Characters

    So, in my intial discussion on some revisions for the 'verse, I noted that I felt that Zenkichi and Munakata should scale to part 1 Medaka in speed, but I have also come to some new conclusions about that same evidence. The fact that Munakata almost killed Medaka with his surprise attack, and...
  12. Creaturemaster971

    Part 1 Munakata/Zenkichi speed upgrade

    Just something I noticed while reading through this page and the manga: Munakata's pre-Kumagawa Arc speed is listed as Subsonic+, with the justification being that he is faster than Unzen. While he certainly is faster, scaling to Unzen rather lowballs his speed, as demonstrated during his fight...
  13. Raito_Utopia

    Misogi vs Zenkichi

    Round 1 : in character Round 2 : Bloodluster Distance : 500m who win and why ?
  14. Kami95

    Frederica Bernkastel vs Zenkichi Hitoyoshi (NOT AN ACTUAL BATTLE)

    As the title says, THIS IS NOT AN ACTUAL BATTLE, so don't assume spite. I'm posting it here because they're somewhat confronting each other, but since they're not fighting, and I actually just want to hear your opinions regardless of who actually wins, feel free to move this thread to another...