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yuki nagato

  1. DimeUhDozen

    Battle for 6th Strongest 9-C: Yuki Nagato vs Danny Phantom

    Yuki Nagato vs Danny Phantom Speed Equalized Both at their strongest Yuki Nagato: Danny Phantom: Incon:
  2. DimeUhDozen

    The Revival of Haruhi Suzumiya

    An attempt to revive the Haruhi Suzumiya verse after so long has finally been made, and I would like input on these newly created profiles for two of it's most prominent characters, the titular Haruhi Suzumiya and Yuki Nagato...
  3. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Yuki Nagato vs Elizabeth (Bioshock)

    Yuki's Profile elizabeth's profile Incon: 6 Rules: Both 2-C In-Character No knowledge or prep battle in a city speed equalized who wins and why
  4. BoomerKuwanger1

    Just giving my fav girl a win real quick.

    Nagato Yuki vs Haruhi Suzumiya Nagato has Haruhi's powers Haruhi knows about her powers Speed equalized I approve this!!
  5. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Yuki vs. Bill

    2-C Yuki vs. 2-A Bill Speed equalized Bill bloodlusted Who will win? How do you dare disturb me?!
  6. Zhaoshuais

    Ainz Ooal Gown VS Yuki Nagato.Speed equalize.

    This time I bring in a hard opponent for Ainz,as we don't know if Yuki Nagato should be considered as a living creature or not. And we can easily avoid argument,as Haruhi would not hope any of her friend to die,so any instand death spells blocked. Yuki Nagato also has time manipulation,and her...
  7. Эйрвинд

    Yuki Nagato vs. Devil Homura

    Two emotionless girls with godlike powers which they steal from actual Gods. No speed equalized. Who would win?
  8. Jean_nicolas

    Yuki Nagato vs Zen´o

    Nagato VS Zen´o - Both 2-C - Speed equalized Nagato: 0 Zen´o: 0 Who would win?
  9. Jean_nicolas

    Yuki Nagato vs Sailor Galaxia

    Nagato VS Galaxia - Unknown tier vs Low 2-C - Speed equalized - Both knows each other Nagato: 0 Galaxia: 0 Who would win?
  10. DodoNova2

    Yuki Nagato Vs Slenderman

    Well, Slenderman has a profile (I did not even know it) so an opponent not very strong would not hurt to start, Spongbob? nah ... Harui? nah but Yuki? why not? Speed Equalized Both 2-C Both Bloodlust (just for fun)
  11. Sound_of_Infinity

    Sonic vs. Nagato

    Both at 2-C Speed equal Who wins? Ultimate Super form
  12. Ricsi-viragosi

    haruhi upgrades

    haruhi only has reality warping and space time manipulation, which, while right, is not everyting data manipulation: as seen here (2:37) she can releas data, and reality manipulation and creation are described as data manipulation and creation, she can create Data organism, is greater to Yuki...
  13. The_real_cal_howard

    Yuki Nagato vs Zen'o

    Eh, just seems rather interesting. Speed is equalized. Little girl vs little alien.
  14. AquaWaifu

    Two highschool girls that aren't quite what they seem. Yuki Nagato vs Monika

    I will admit...I squeed when I realized this match up MIGHT work... Yuki Nagato - 0 ( ) VS Monika - 3 ( Saikou The Lewd King, Metal Mario675, RM97 ) Inconclusive - 0 ( ) BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: Both are 2-C Both are in-character Speed is equalized FIght takes place in a disorted...
  15. AquaWaifu

    Two characters with NO visual emotions duke it Out! Yuki Nagato vs Frisk!

    Despite everything, it's still you. Yuki Nagato vs Frisk Both are 2-C Both are speed equalized In-character No preptime or knowledge Fight is in an empty void starting distance is 10 meters
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Yuki Nagato vs Arceus

    Speed is equalized for fairness purposes. If I could equalize durability, I would. Arceus
  17. Sans vs Yuki Nagato

    Sans vs Yuki Nagato Everyone is doing Sans matches, so I thought I will join in. Location: Phase transposition space State of mind: bloodlusted Winning condition: death Prep time: 1 second Yuuki doesn't have Haruhis powers, but she is at her peak (she is able and willing to synchronize...