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  1. LazerDim8000


    Now that the new tiering system has been implemented, I believe some changes should be made to Wiccan's profile Large size type 10 He can cradle all of reality in his arms. Can also hold and place back the comic panels. Loki states that he can imagine all of reality as a deck of cards to...
  2. Suigetsuhyugs

    Marvel Tier 1: Wiccan profile

    Im not really experienced with tier 1 on Marvel, even more after the last thread that amped a lot of characters to low 1-A, so I will take requests, I used tier 1-C because thats what the previous thread of Wiccan, which was accepted by staff, was ok with...
  3. OmniMagician

    Wiccan's Deletion

    So apparently Wiccan's page was deleted and I'm just curious as to why.
  4. Confluctor

    Wiccan/Demiurge Upgrade

    Young Avengers 2013 #12 - #13 Billy ascending to a higher plane In #11, Loki confirms that is higher plane This higher plane is called Mother's dimension Ascension Starts to see the lower worlds as a comic and can even change it. So, his 2A ratings needs to be removed and he should get...
  5. Everywhereman

    Question regarding Marvel reality warpers

    At least twice now marvel has stated that all reality-warping is either magic at its core or, at least in part, magical in nature. Assuming this is meant literally would it mean all reality warpers gain limited magic if they arent a true magic user? Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom's explanations 1
  6. MrLuk2000

    Wiccan vs Goku

    Wicca vs Son Goku Speed Equal 2-B vs 2-A Hopefully this isn't a stomp Both bloodlusted Who wins and why?
  7. Soratoum

    Scarlet Witch should be at least 2-A, in House of M

    Now, this is all about the Chaos Wave, you might think, it wasn't controlled by Wanda, but I've found some scans that actually prove it being controlled by Wanda. https://imgur.com/a/Zm4YKbx Here it says "..who knows how she'll change everything this time", referring to her House of M warp...
  8. Peter_"Quicksilver"_Maximoff

    Wiccan/Demiurge Stats

    Hello, i'm in the proccess of making a profile for Wiccan/Demiurge and i've got no idea were to put him at so i've gathered scans of feats and guidebook scans to find a proper tier for him Regular Wicca Attack Potency: Through magic, he is strong enough to clobber Loki (This is Kid Loki btw)...