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wander over yonder

  1. Oliver_de_jesus

    Galaxy wander 4-C

    Let's do this quickly, here Lord Hater says to Peepers (name in Spanish, I like that name more than the English one) that obliterate the sun with a missile Wander and Sylvia manage to return the missile and Hater along with Peppers and his Watchdogs tank it in the The Good Deed episode. I...
  2. DimeUhDozen

    Green Women Who Can Kick Your Ass (She-Hulk Vs Lord Dominator) (3-0-0)

    Speed Equalized Lord Dominator is armored "I'm outta your league...": Lonkitt, SlendVeny, ZoroNoZolo (3) "I'm the Bad Guy...": Incon:
  3. People here made a page about Wander Over Yonder and certain characters but forgot to add Emperor Awesome

    While I'm not a Wander Over Yonder expert, and this probably low to zero priority, I do think Emperor Awesome deserves his own profile linked to the Wander Over Yonder page: https://wanderoveryonder.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_Awesome?file=Wander_Over_Yonder_dff.png...
  4. Tots_Real

    Lord Dominator Vs Frieza

    First form frieza Fight takes place in space Speed is Equalized
  5. PeaceOnTheRise

    A clash of space tyrants

    On a visit to one of his planets, Frieza finds out it has been reduced to a desolate wasteland. Before he has time to do anything, a bizzare mechanical orb sneaks up on him and releases a bunch of sleeping gas. Later Frieza wakes up in someone's ship, confined inside a similar, bigger...
  6. Jesterofgames

    Questions about Wander and Sylvia's stats.

    why do Sylvia and Wander have just MFTL+ travel speed via there Orbble. Shouldn't it be there normal reaction and travel speed since they are shown being able to react to nearby planets (or at least recognize them.)? Not to mention as shown in Time bomb with sylvia being able to run across...
  7. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Hater fights an Angel

    Number One Superstar vs 5-A versions, speed equal Lord Hater: Base Panty: tie: FIGHT!!!!!
  8. Cumberjung

    Lord of rap: Hyness vs Hater

    Im back after taking a several month break due to stress with one last thread before I (probably) retire as an active member. Their profiles say they talk fast but who can utilize that better for rap. Lord Hyness VS Lord Hater Raps will be judged by the 3 S's: - speed - style - sound quality...
  9. Goldmaster784

    A Worm fights a Turtle

    Earthworm Jim vs. Miss Myrtle Jim accidentally destroys the Universe, and Ms. Myrtle is enraged as a result. Fight takes place in the empty space of the destroyed Universe. I'm a rocket man! Who dares awaken Maturin's sister? Earthworm Jim: Ms. Myrtle:
  10. Goldmaster784

    Sans vs. Major Threat

    Oh no a sans match. I randomly noticed that they had similar abilities. I hope this won't be a mismatch. Speed equalized, this is evil Major Threat, otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Major Threat: 3 Sans: 0 Inconclusive: 1
  11. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Dominator vs Deviluke King

    Left: Disguise Form Right: True Form vs 5-A versions, speed equalized Lord Dominator: Gid Lucione Deviluke:1 tie: FIGHT!!!
  12. Lightbuster30

    Massive WoY Upgrade

    We know Domniator's ship absorbs all the magma from a planet and possibly the core? She did this to an entire galaxy, which means her ship was being powered by more or less 100 billion planets. Multiplying that amount by planet level would yield star to large star level. Dominator is also...
  13. Huesito88

    Saitama vs A planet (Redux)

    Looking for matches that can be fair for Saitama speed is equalized Saitama: Janet:
  14. Confussed-Oddish

    Lord Dominator vs Blossom (1998)

    Lord Dominator vs Blossom (1998) Speed equilise, Lord Dominator has bloodlust and the fight takes place on mars Blossom (1998): Lord Dominator: Inconclusive:
  15. Jeremihe

    Wander & Sylvia VS Star Butterfly & Marco Diaz

    A nice interdimensional 2v2. Marco's at his base ,but Star's using New Mewberty. Speeds are equalized. Fight only ends in death or incapacitation. Fight takes place on Planet Janet ,so Wander has a protective battlefield.
  16. Jinsye

    Saitama vs. Planet Janet

    Not exactly sure if this is fair, but whatever. Both 5-B, speed equalized. Janet is bloodlusted. Fight takes place on Janet. Who wins? Planet Janet: 0 Saitama: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  17. Jinsye

    What does this count as?

    I'm gonna make a page for a rather minor character but, I still wanna know. What would doing this count as?
  18. Jesterofgames

    Wander over yonder upgrades

    Ok so the wander over yonder pages and forums have bearly been touched in a year. however I've been watching through the seires recently and I Noticed a few upgrades to speed Mainly but a few others as well and few counters to the "Planets are small" Thing which I will cover at the end. But...
  19. AquaWaifu

    Saitama vs Lord Dominator

    Im doin this on here cause their personalities would make for a very fun clash together and well 5-B is unfortunately not close enough to 5-A to make for a REAL match up on VS Threads. So how would it go down? Given Dominator being very evil and vicious and dangerous Saitama would take this...
  20. Ryukama

    Wander over Yonder Upgrade?

    Hello. Now I am not very familiar with this show, however the profile lists Wander as FTL+ for crossing a galaxy in a year and a half. Well assuming a Milky Way sized galaxy, this feat should result in being 20,215,588,052,435.9 meters per second Or over 67,000 times the speed of light. So is...
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Vriska vs Lord Dominator

    As soon as I realized they were in the same tier, I knew they had to battle. I haven't seen either of their characters aside from here, but their vibes seem similar from their profiles. Speed equalized. 5-B Vriska. Who wins? Left: Disguise Form Right: True Form
  22. OishiLover75

    Hater's tier

    In the finale (wish there was a Season 3), Lord Hater defeated Dominator's ship which almost destroyed the galaxy by himself. Does it count as Galaxy Level?
  23. Xantospoc22

    Further feats for Wander Over Yonder (speed related)

    First of all, now I pretty much have confirmation Wander and Sylvia are, indeed, MFTL. How? Evidence #1 https://youtu.be/iaO3j5W6ILs?t=432 You can see here Wander on foot moving around planets Evidence #2 https://youtu.be/HoBuV4kaNZE?t=13 Syvia travels out of a galaxy. The creator of the...
  24. Brickhead2550

    Spongebob Squarepants VS Wander

    Spongebob Wander Battle Must End in Death. They are given all of there weapon's and abilities
  25. Xantospoc

    Wander Over Yonder Possible Character Tiering (Includes Hater - Dominator and Buster)

    1) TIER OF HATER/DOMINATOR: Both Lord Hater and Lord Dominator can be compared to Major Threat. According to Commander Peepers, Major Threat is able to destroy planets with his telekinesis, and while he doesn't destroy planets 'per se', he has shown to be able to destroy multiple statues just as...