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uncle grandpa (verse)

  1. Da3ggman

    Uncle Grandpa General Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the General Discussion Thread for Cartoon Network's (unappreciated) masterpiece, Uncle Grandpa! Here, discuss anything related to the show, its characters, creators, etc., whether it be VS Battle related or not. And most importantly, have yourself a Good Morning!
  2. Phoenks

    Uncle Grandpa vs Utopia (Utopic Dragon)

    >Utopic Dragon key for Utopia (3-C) >Both Bloodlusted Who wins and why? Grandpa: Utopic Drago: Inconclusive:
  3. Christian_Higdon

    Uncle Grandpa vs Discord

    I know this may not be fair after upgrades, but eh. 3-B vs 4-C. Both are in-character. Speed Equal. Battle is in Equestria. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Grandpa: 0 Discord: 7 Inconclusive: 0 Make sense? Oh, what fun is there in making sense? Good morning!
  4. Cumberjung

    Uncle Grandpa powers and abilities

    A lot of UG's powers were taken down for seemingly no reason first of time manipulation you can clearly see him doing this here next off possible omnipresence you can clearly see him doing he often appering just about anywere at anytime next being able to control the animation is seen here with...
  5. Overlord775

    Uncle Grandpa vs Magolor

    the innocent 3-B vs the bloodlusted 3-B who wil win ? Magolor:0 Uncle Grandpa:3 Inconclusive:0 Speed is equalized, and magolor is in soul form
  6. Sir_Ovens

    Adam Conover vs Uncle Grandpa

    Adam wants to teach Uncle Granpa a lesson in how to make a good cartoon. Uncle Grandpa wants to teach Adam how to lighten up. Battle shall take place on Earth, in a mall. Speed Equalized. Win via Death. Who wins and why?
  7. The_real_cal_howard

    SSB Goku vs Uncle Grandpa

    Normally, this would be a stomp in the latter's favor via toonforce. However, I will edit it. Uncle Grandpa is totally in character, and can only accidentally kill Goku, and Goku is very bloodlusted, willing to use Frieza-level tactics to win.
  8. HomestuckLover1

    Uncle Grandpa vs Aurora (Child of Light)

    Set Distance: Solar system length Both are bloodlusted
  9. OishiLover75

    Uncle Grandpa vs. Bill's Minions

    I've read the comments, so I'm changing what Uncle Grandpa should be fighting so I thought of his minions.
  10. OishiLover75

    Uncle Grandpa vs. Bill Cipher

    Uncle Grandpa enters Weirdmageddon at his highest peak. The characters have a weird-off battle. (Thought it might be a good tribute to the end of Gravity Falls)
  11. SuperKamiNappa

    Uncle Grandpa vs. Bugs Bunny

    Good Morning! What's up, Doc? who wins and why?