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timmy's dad

  1. Hypertornado099

    Timmy's Dad revision (Fairly OddParents)

    Varies from Athletic Human to Superhuman at best (Run fast enough to make a sonic boom with his wife and implied that they will continue to move at those speeds for a while) Vicky said they created a sonic boom, so the peak should be transonic. Applies to Timmy's mom as well
  2. GoCommitDi

    Hey Lois, remember when I fought Mr. Turner?

    Battle of the dumbest, most neglectful, most insane cartoon dads who have miserable, pink-clad children. Mr. Turner is 9-A Speed is = Fight is in The Drunken Clam Both are bloodlusted Shut up, Meg: 2 We have a son?: Incon:
  3. The_Almighty_Wholesome

    Marcy Wu (Amphibia) vs Timmy’s Dad (Fairly Odd Parents) (0-0-0)

    I think the interaction between these two would be hilarious and I think it’s a somewhat funny idea for a fight so why not? Rules -Both are 8-B (Timmy is Dyno Dad in this situation) -Speed is equalized -Both start 20 meters from each other -Marcy is allowed all equipment in her 8-B key...
  4. koopa3144

    Norm (Phineas and Ferb) vs Timmy's Dad (0-7-0) (concluded)

    Fight takes place in a city Dyno Dad is being used Norm has weaponry but anything above 8-B is restricted Speed is equalized SBA for everything else Dyno Dad: 7 41.5 Tons Norm: 0 17.868001912046 tons of tnt Incon: 0
  5. Psychomaster35

    Galactimus, Mighty Mom, and Dyno Dad scaling (The Fairly OddParents)

    DISCLAIMER: Yes this was brought up before, albeit the thread quickly died out last year. So Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad are currently placed at 8-B for punching Galactimus to an island, however, Galactimus himself is “likely 5-B” via stating he could eat the Earth like a meatball (but this may...
  6. Eficiente

    Timmy's dad vs Deadpool

    Speed = Deadpool: 0 Timmy's Dad: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  7. GoCommitDi

    Peter Griffin vs Timmy's Dad

    Mr Turner is 9-A both bloodlusted Fight is in dimmsdale
  8. CuteAnimeNekoGirl99

    More dad fights

    timmy's dad walks into strickland propane and starts to talk about the benefits of an electric grill hank then jump at timmy's dad they start fighting both bloodlusted both at base speed equalized
  9. LuciusIsMas

    Regenerationn feat how high is the Regenerationn?

    At 1:32 https://youtube.com/watch?v=mKU3lS_llQQ the turners drive into a volcano but get burned by a dragon then fall into the lava. What Regenerationn
  10. Eficiente

    Small The Fairly OddParents! upgrade

    https://streamable.com/uzl2v In the ep Scary Godparents, Timmy wishes for all halloween costumes to become real. Later, and very briefly, uses a mask of The Crimson Chi to hit Pumpkinator with his chin. This would be a demonstration of Crimson Chin being 5-B and an outlier. Except that Mighty...
  11. Insecurity97

    Patrick Star vs. Timmy's Dad

    Patrick is 9-B and Mr. Turner is 9-A. Both are bloodlusted because Mr. Turner just called Patrick "Tubby Pinhead Rick", and Patrick called Dinkleberg a better dad than Mr. Turner Heart on stick must die!: 0 Dinkleberg!: 0 They both get along: 0
  12. Eficiente

    The Fairly OddParents! Revisions

    Dyno Dad & Mighty Mom They were able to throw Galactimus, who was considerably larger than the buildings around him, to a relatively distant island with a combined punch. I'm pretty sure this can be calc'd above City Block level. Also just to be sure, would this speed feat be inferior than the...
  13. CursedGentleman

    Muhammad Avdol VS Timmy's Dad

    Both as 8-B Speed Equalized, the characters are under SBA Timmy's Dad Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Vehicular Mastery (Has shown that he knows how to pilot an Apache helicopter), Trophy Senses (Detected his trophy being melted with unnatural senses) | Same as above...