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the source

  1. VeryGoofyToddler

    Perpetua “Diminished” State Revision.

    So I've seen the profile for Perpetua and she has two separate keys: Pre-Seventh Force Unlocked | Post-Seventh Force Unlocked There are a lot of things that are a tad bit of a misnomer between these two keys. I rather we break it down into 3 keys section: The first key would be Pre-Seventh...
  2. Xearsay

    The Source downgrade

    So the current basis for The Source being High 1-A is this. “The Source resides on the same level of existence as Monitor-Mind The Overvoid, and those two characters are frequently identified as the same entity, both of which represent the featureless blank canvas used by the Writers to draw...
  3. Oliver_de_jesus

    Minor darkaeid immortality 8 correction

    his is immortality 8 of darkseid but it lacks context: spectre Hall Jordan travels to Apocalis, where he tries to save a girl, but Darkseid appears, then Hall destroys him, but returns, Hall intrigued by this, looking for information and, thanks to Metron, who brought him to the source...
  4. Elizio33

    New justification for the Source

    According to this, the Judges of the Source exist at the end of the void. "I will come from the end of the void to rip them limb from limb".~Perpetua The judges exist outside the void itself and the Source exist or even transcend the Judges of the Source. So, we can add: "Should exist on the...
  5. Hykuu

    God (DC Comics) Profile Making Explanation

    Grant Morrison directly says that The Source/God/Overvoid are one in the same, and each are just different interpretations and views of the same being During Countdown, The Monitors directly use The Source and The Primal Monitor (Overmonitor) Interchangeably Cronus describes The Godwave, Or...
  6. Hykuu

    God = Source = Presence = Overvoid Merging Profiles

    Just listing all the things which suggest the title of this thread, to help the other thread Grant Morrison directly says that The Source/God/Overvoid are one in the same, and each are just different interpretations and views of the same being During Countdown, The Monitors directly use The...
  7. Lord_of_Apokolips

    Question about The Source .

    "Basically, The Source, in general, is treated as an embodiment of Nirvana, a formless transcendent transdual calm and completeness beyond all spatial dimensions and possible divisions. " Scans please .
  8. Yobo_Blue

    Takion and Highfather Minor Revisions

    >Obscure character from a obscure series missing their obscure abilities: *exists* >Me: As you know, I'll be adding new abilities and additional justifications for these characters. Highfather Duplication should be Avatar Creation Pain Manipulation: Would have created a cosmos of pure...
  9. Catalyst75

    Justice League #22 Spoiler - The Source

    I believe that, after Justice League #22, there may be reasons to re-evaluate the Source's tiering in DC Comics. The Source is reference as being Perpetua's creator and the one who gave her the power to create the Multiverse. It is also indicated to have done the same to all the other...
  10. Awsometime

    Imagine admitting that Darkseid is platonic and resides in an archetypal world and then saying he's 5D on the same page

    I have no possible clue what the justification could possibly be for admitting that Darkseid is platonic and then placing him at 5D: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/lCUcRLbSCr5zzIwtFbcYWg3RiY-VCHrluCU5j8XAfjYAnG6xe7QHTwM78qhEH3zWrcfxv683UXSm=s1600...
  11. Hykuu

    The Source

    Can someone please explain why the Source is only "likely" 1-A?
  12. Kerwin0831

    So somebody just claimed that the Presence is the Overvoid, they are one because of this from the interview

    Can someone clarify this? Because I know GM isn't dumb enough to contradict himself.
  13. Extreme123dz

    The Source form and power

    so, this is one of the The Source Form? or it's a avatar, fragment, piece, lower being, etc? whats feats this "The Source" have? in his battle whit Darkseid are Plot? nerf? inconsistence? would in the future see this "other vercion" in his page? a doubt's whit bad grammar :v
  14. QuagsireTheLegend

    DotNG contradictions?

    So i've heard that DotNG (DC) has some contradictions in regards to the Source's previous interpretations. What would be some of these contradictions?
  15. AndrewBennet

    Who would win ?

    The tiers are equalised to high 1B
  16. Magi_Hussie

    Possible Darkseid Tiering upgrade

    Well, I saw someone mentioning this, so here goes nothing. There's a random huge jump for Darkseid to be likely Outerversal. Darkseid with his Soulfire form is on par with The Source apparently. Its shown in this link...
  17. The Writer (DC) = The Hand (Godhead)?

    Given that the Writer is the Creator of the DC Multiverse, I thought that the Hand from Green Lantern/New Gods:Godhead would be worth discussing. Although the Hand is shown to be many contradictory things in DC Comics, this is the only version that I know of that is said to be responsible for...
  18. Ali_Ashumov

    The Source is Overmonitor

    On the map Morrison The Source is Overmonitor He also said that in an interview
  19. The Power of Thoughts/Dreams in the DCU

    In "A Dream of a Thousand Cats", it is shown that the thoughts and dreams of mankind are capable of altering reality. Even the Presence is shaped (possibly even made) by the power of thought. There is one memorable occasion when we actually see the power at work (and the explanation behind it)...