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the never queen

  1. Udlmaster

    A Lover's Quarrel

    The Never Quee fights for her lover, but was the original her lover too? "You dare test my love." "I dare not test, only reclaim what is mine." Standard Battle Assumptions The Never-Queen is Bloodlusted. Victory via Death.
  2. Quantu

    1-A? TLT, The First Firmanent, Never Queen, Beyonders

    Living Tribunal LT transcends dualities LT transcends Space and Time The First Firmanent TFF Implying everything is apart of him + Outside Multi Eternity "from outside". Life within will fall and TFF will return as one Beyonders The Beyonders observe reality from a featureless and...
  3. LuckyCharmingStar

    The Never Queen vs Dream of endless

    The never quee vs Dream of endless who wins?
  4. LuckyCharmingStar

    About the Never Queen

    In the ultimate Series The NeverQueen posses Omniscience in the outside she sees everything & knows everything not only about eternity but even outside of him. So should we give her omniscience instead of nigh omniscience?
  5. TheSuperDuperMagicalWishMaker

    Death of endless vs The Never Queen

    Death vs The NeverQuee Who win this battle?
  6. TheSuperDuperMagicalWishMaker

    Neverqueen omniscient?

    It was stated that NQ was able to see every chapters and pages that appears on the outside and she was able to speak with logos even silver surfer can't communicate with NQ. Inside thosr chapters you see everything even cosmic beings like oblivion and death
  7. The_Number_One_Unknown_User

    About the Outside

    I noticed that oblivion realm which is the nonexistence. But the outside exist beyond that where pages and chapters appears on it.(It's possible a page to draw & write on it) And the NeverQueen exist in the outside does that mean she should be upgraded?The outside. And possible omniscient for...
  8. OneAboveAll42

    Molecule Man(Beyonders) vs The First Firmament

    R1: Both at full power Bonus Round: Winner vs The Never Queen
  9. OneAboveAll42

    Molecule Man(Beyonders) vs The Never Queen

    Both at full power
  10. Gargoyle_1

    LEM (I/O) vs The Never Queen (Marvel)

    Yup, this match is a thing. If someone could link the two pages hear I would appreciate it. Who wins between the two most underused High 1Bs? LEM:1 Never Queen: 1
  11. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    The First FIrmanent runs an gauntlet

    The First Firmanent is an formidable foe indeed. How about we put it up against the most powerful cosmics in comic history ? Combatants -Cosmic Armor Superman / The Thought Robot - Captain Adam - Multi-Death - - Multi-Eternity - Infinity -Never Queen -Living Tribunal ( Old...
  12. The_Omnipotente

    Doubt about The First Firmament

    Is The First Firmament Existing Before All Multiverses Should It Not Be Adimensional 1-A?
  13. LuckyCharmingStar

    The Never queen Vs The First Firmament vs Pre recton beyonder vs Moleculeman( beyonders)

    Never quee FF moleculema Pre recton Beyonder
  14. Matthew_Schroeder

    Marvel Respect Thread: The Never Queen

    The Never Queen is a relatively new, but very interesting and incredibly powerful Cosmic Being. This is a collection of her feats: She is the almost-now and the yet-to-be. She sees all of the Silver Surfer's existence at once. As well as all of his infinite possible futures. She is the...