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the narrator (the stanley parable)

  1. DontTalkDT

    The Narrator (Stanley Parable) upgrade

    Here the narrator is canonically confirmed to be the platonic concept of divorce. So he should have abstract existence and conceptual (Type 1) divorce manipulation. The interesting question is if he can marry people by removing the concept of divorce from them. Opinions?
  2. FloweryAlex

    Stanley Parable tiring question

    What exactly warrants assuming Low 7-B? And why is possibly 8-B there at all?
  3. Sohnahein

    Ness vs The narrator

    Ness from Earthbound vs The Narrator from the Stanley Parable Both at low 7-B Speed equalized Who wins?
  4. Jinsye

    A Mind Flayer fights a Narrator

    The Narrator (The Stanley Parable) Mind Flayer (D&D) Speed is equal, Low 7-B. Who wins?
  5. Jinsye

    Misogi Kumagawa vs. The Narrator

    shrug* Stanley Parable Narrator Speed equal Who wins? Guy who wants to beat the main characters: 0 Guy who narrates the main characters: 0
  6. Agnaa

    Characters with AP purely from creation - Is it combat applicable?

    I've noticed that a few characters have AP from creation, even though they don't seem to have a way to apply it, such as Spooky, The Narrator (The Stanley Parable), and a profile I made, Ougi Oshino. All three of these have AP from creating buildings of varying sizes, but they don't seem to...
  7. Yobo_Blue

    The Narrarator Downgrade

    The Narrator (The Stanley Parable)'s justification makes no sense. A 600 room building and some hills are at best high 7-C, and at worst 8-A. That's nowhere near the size of a small city.
  8. DMB_1

    The Narrator (The Stanley Parable) vs. Naraku: Battle for the strongest Low 7-B

    Speed equalized. Naraku: 0 The Narrator: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  9. Jinsye

    Lord Vile vs The Narrator (The Stanley Parable)

    Low 7-B versions used. Speed Equalized Who wins? Lord Vile: 0 The Narrator (The Stanley Parable): 0
  10. Jinsye

    Medaka Kurokami vs. The Narrator (Stanley Parable)

    I know nothing of Medaka Box, so I hope this won't be a stomp. The Hero is unrestricted, unless needed to be restricted. 8-B versions used. Who wins? Medaka Kurokami: 2 The Narrator (The Stanley Parable): 0
  11. Abscoolguy

    the narrator vs GLADOS

    Who can make the character break more easily can GLADOS make chell break easier or can the narrator make stanley break easier
  12. Withersoul_235

    The Narrator of The Stanley Parable ~ Big Revision

    Hey there, everyone. Welcome to this post of mine. It's about The Narrator from The Stanley Parable. The following things will be covered: Tier / AP Abilities Speed (kind of) Here we go. So, to start off, I'd say that the Narrator should, in my opinion, be upgraded to either Tier 2, or at...
  13. ArbitraryNumbers

    The Stanley Parable: Narrator Upgrade

    We see in the Suicide/Space ending that there is a room containing a starry background. https://youtu.be/w3UxRa_-9UU?t=1h9m41s So how is this? "At least 7-B, likely 4-A"?