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the hunter (enter the gungeon)

  1. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon) vs Dark Samus (Metroid)

    Samus sends The Hunter to kill dark samus as she's too weak right now to do it. Can the hunter succeed in the mission? The Hunter's Profile Dark Samus's Profile Rules: Speed equalized Both are bloodlusted Dark Samus and beginning of game hunter will be used. No knowledge or preptime...
  2. Jinsye

    The Hunter (BB) vs. The Hunter (EtG)

    Speed is = Honoring Wishes BB Hunter, EoG EtG Hunter Who wins? The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon): 0 The Hunter (Bloodborne): 0
  3. Jesterofgames

    Potential new hax for the gungeneers.

    In the new spin off title "exit the gungeon." it is clarified Blanks flat out erase bullets from existence. Or send them to another plane of existance one or the other. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VZzmmdexg2s @6:38 "when you use a blank all bullets are sent to another plane of existance...
  4. Mr. Bambu

    Enter the Gungeon: Official AP Revision

    Preface This CRT aims to upgrade Enter the Gungeo from 8-B and 8-A to 5-A/High 5-A and Low 4-C with a single 4-A being. This is based on a handful of facts in the verse that I believe solidify this as a rating more-so than on-screen basic feats. Changes Attack Potency The big one. Let's look...
  5. Jesterofgames

    Enter the gungeon ability updates.

    With the new update the hunter recived the following abilities Duplication (Via Shadow clone), Soul manipulation (Via High Kaliber), body puppetry via third party controller. magazine rack creates infinite ammo for what ever gun they are holding. They also should get faster then light attack...
  6. Mr. Bambu

    Another Hunter vs Hunter Thread

    I love both verses (and apparently have a thing for verses with The Hunter as the protagonist). The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon) vs The Hunter (Monster Hunter). Nothing restricted. Speed equalized (especially since I need to make it clear that EtG Hunter has Supersonic reactions but haven't...
  7. Wokistan

    The Hunter (Bloodborne) vs The Hunter (EtG)

    The Hunter (Bloodborne) fights The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon), as stated by the title. 8-C forms Speed UNEQUAL Start 30 feet apart Bloodborne hunter starts with Bloodletter and has all hunter tools, EtG hunter has whatever No prior knowledge or prep SBA wincons Bloodborne: Gungeon...
  8. Kaltias

    The Hunter (EtG) vs Isaac (TBoI)

    I don't know if this is fair but I'll try anyway. Speed is equal, both have access to all their items. The battle takes place in the room where you fight Hush. Isaac (Binding of Isaac): The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon): Inconclusive: 3 (Woki, Gar, Overlord)
  9. Kaltias

    Randall Flagg vs The Hunter

    I have like no idea if this is actually fair. Speed is blah blah blah. Start 200 metres apart or so because the Hunter's range is around that level. The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon): Randall Flagg: 1 Inconclusive:
  10. Kaltias

    Hunter (ETG) downgrade

    So, I thought about this one for a bit and I think that the Hunter should be downgraded to 8-C. There is exactly a single tier 7 feat in the verse. 8-C is supported by: The yield of the Blanks (9-A) The explosion of Big Boy (8-C) The self destruction of a Pinhead (8-C+) The Lich destroying...
  11. Yobo_Blue

    The Hunter vs The Preeminent

    SBA Speed Equalized Who wins?
  12. Kaltias

    Hunter (EtG) resistances

    Resistance to black holes via being unaffected from the BH gun. The second part is slightly more complex. There is a enemy in EtG who can take your own attacks and use them against you. The Gunjurer. Said bullets appear to conserve their special properties (As an example, if they take your...
  13. Kaltias

    Avatar of Calamity vs the Hunter

    Hopefully not a stomp. Speed is equal, this is the avatar's true body with duplicates. Scary calamity thingy: 4 (SD, Peter, Scarlet, Homu) Nameless gal: Inconclusive:
  14. Kaltias

    Gilgamesh vs the Hunter

    Not 100% sure about this match. If it happens to be a stomp, close it. This is base Gil and speed is unequal. The Hunter's type 8 immortality isn't allowed if Gil has 0 way around it. They are serious but not bloodlusted. King: Hunter: 1 (ALRF) Inconclusive: 1 (Aizen)
  15. Kaltias

    Hunter upgrade (EtG)

    Upgrade to High 7-C based on this calc. Not much to add, really. Maybe Blessed/Curse Manipulation via the Sixth Chamber? It's called "Blessing of Kaliber" (Who is a goddess) and grants rewards the more the curse grows Also i don't know how to classify the Iron Coi. Summoning maybe?
  16. Kaltias

    What power is this?

    Here around 7:58, when the Hunter reforms her body.
  17. MrKingOfNegativity

    8-C/High 8-C Royale

    Sure, I'll hop on the bandwagon too. And yes, this thing encompasses two tiers. I have my reasons for that. That said, there are rules to this one, and you're going to want to read them. Royale Rules For my own sanity more than anything else, this royale's lineup will cap at no higher than...
  18. Kaltias

    Altair vs the Hunter

    Speed equalized. Altair is in base, the Hunter has all the items. Battle takes place on the planet where the Gungeon is located. Altair (Re:Creators): The Hunter (Enter the Gungeon): Inconclusive:1 (Peter)
  19. Kaltias

    Can this be considered real lightning?

    So, i was looking for speed feats for Enter The Gungeon and i found these things https://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/Thunderclap https://enterthegungeon.gamepedia.com/The_Emperor The former is stated to be actual lightning, the second is stated to imitate them. Both cause water to be...