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super galaxy gurren lagann

  1. Farfetchedx

    Cosmic Garou Vs Super Galaxy Gurren: (0-0-0)

    RULES: Peak Versions Speed equalized SBA Garou has access to time travel Transcendent Super Spiral Dreadnought Gunmen Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann: Awakened Garou, "The Fist of God", "Symbol of Fear": Inconclusive:
  2. Alexander

    sggl size and ttgl size

    ok let's start with super galaxy gurren lagann: super galaxy gurren lagann size: although super galaxy gurren lagann is a humanoid mecha transformed by simon's spiral power, its size is supposedly equal to that of the moon (that's because it's cathedral terra which is a gunman the size of the...
  3. Alexander

    super galaxy gurren lagann update and increase in its tier

    ok with this improvement now it will be shown that the goku vs sggl combat did not make sense in that sggl is weaker in ap. 1.super galaxy dai gurren: the shields of super galaxy gurren lagann are so powerful that they resist an explosion that shakes the universe (from anti spiral or an unknown...
  4. BluudyManikin777

    Here’s a Blast From the Past

    Simon is trending, so let’s keep the momentum going shall we? This is also a match that has been done back in 2017, so a trip down memory lane for those who were around at that time The title is a play on both of their abilities, because they both have attacks that can reach other points in...
  5. BluudyManikin777

    Son Goku vs Simon the Digger

    Son Goku (Dragon Ball Super) [Battle of Gods Saga] vs Simon the Digger (Episodes 17-26) Rules: Speed Equalized Takes Place around Earth Goku starts in Super Saiyan (This is Goku at the point where the power of SSJG was absorbed into his base form) Simon is in Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann A...
  6. BluudyManikin777

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Universe level Upgrade

    Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann Attack Potency & Durability Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann now has an updated version of the calc used for its AP now, here. It seems to have been accepted, that SGGL will now become Universe level. To clear any possible misconceptions, SGGL isn’t Universe level, only with...
  7. BluudyManikin777

    Simon vs Goku

    Simon the Digger (Post-Timeskip) [Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann] vs Son Gokū (Chō) [Super Saiyan Blue] Simon: Goku: Incon:
  8. The Saiyan Prince, VEGETA VS Who The Hell Do You Think?

    Round 1: Both 3-A (If required) Round 2: Vegeta Low 2-C Both in character Vegeta Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann VS
  9. Blademan9999

    Minor downgrade for the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.

    The Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is rated at universe level for doing this https://www.narutoforums.org/xfa-blog-entry/were-gonna-show-you-the-power-of-the-human-race-gurren-lagann.36431/ However this attack is merely calcualted at 8.176 NINAFOE or 8.17591855e71 joules. While according to this...
  10. Overlord775

    Ultron Vs Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

    Machine vs Mech, speed equalized, ultron is in his final form Ultro:0 Lagan:1 Inconclusive Challenge accepted no human can stop me
  11. Joseph619

    Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann revision

    I just watched Lagann Hen movie and STTLG does not show the attack where he can attack through past and future simultaneously as SGGL. Given the movie is non canon and completely independent of the show, should those abilities be removed from STTLG profile? SGGL appearance: 1:15:45 to 1:19:38...
  12. AquaWaifu

    Aqua(Kingdom Hearts) vs Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

    This is probably stupid, but I feel taking a chance on a ridiculous idea like this Aqua vs Super Galaxy Gurren Lagan Aqua - 0 ( ) Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann - 2 ( Darkmon cns, DaFritzi) Aqua is aware of the pilots. Aqua is 3000km away. Both are in-character, but willing to kill...
  13. Jucaslucas

    About Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.

    What feat makes it Small Star level, likely higher? Also, it's listed at the probability manipulation page, even though it doesn't have probability manipualtion as a power in the profile. And I was watching the episode it appears again, and the only mention of probability manipulation is when...