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star dream

  1. Eficiente

    I once more pieced together another great Kirby puzzle

    https://kirby.fandom.com/wiki/Talk:Black_mirror See the second discussion there. Galacta Knight had a small little fun misadventure through some games, I'll have to remove him his Dimensional Travel as that wasn't his doing, he's 100% not from Another Dimension, he wasn't the friend Magolor...
  2. JJSliderman

    Murderous supercomputer from Dragon Ball fights a Murderous supercomputer from Kirby

    A matchup so thematic that it needs to be done. Ghost Warrior Dr. Lychee finds the inactive Star Dream and brings it to Hatchiyack. They start messing around with it until the machine activates and starts trying to kill them. Lychee goes and hides somewhere while Hatchiyack prepares to...
  3. Little.mac.mcdobuble

    Hugh Kirby downgrade

    You fell for my clickbait though seriously, Kirby's reasons of being 4-A is a little flimsily for me. don't get me wrong, there 4-A feats but are used by a certain Hax/power and ability. Also compare all the 4-A feats to 5-A/5-B feats from the verse and see which one is more consistent. note I...
  4. The_King_of_Prudence

    Star Dream versus Cure Dream

    I really need to start raining in my matchmaking. Star Dream: 1 (Codymartin2) Cure Dream: Inconclusive:
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    Star Dream vs Janemba

    Star Dream fights Janemba (Dragon Ball) Both 4-A
  6. The_real_cal_howard


    Only Kirby players will understand ovo Queen Sectonia vs Star Dream Sectonia is EX base and Star Dream is OS base, but can move through all their forms. Sectonia's theme music Star Dream's theme music
  7. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Kirby's abilities...

    Just one thing to ask because I don't recall much on Kirby really. Other than obvious exceptions like his robot armor and final boss abilities, are all of Kirby's other copy abilities accessible to him anytime via his stomach dimension or just specific ones? Kind of confused here.
  8. The_real_cal_howard

    Help calc'ing a feat

    So, I was replaying a Kirby game, just for fun, and I found a SUPPORTING feat. I asked Azzy, and he said the feat was legitimate, but I still wanted to get a direct value. Unfortunately, even though I'm good at KE, I don't even know where to start here... At 4:40, Star Dream inhales and the...
  9. Kirby71

    Hyness's resistances revision

    Ok,so Hyness said that they overcame the ancients's science,as they overcame being sealed,as they faced the ancients,they should have also resistance to ancients's artifacts's powers like the master crown etc. And with "they",its not only Hyness but also the three mage generals. Conclusion:give...
  10. Royalty1702

    Machine Melee! Star Dream Soul OS (Kirby) Vs. SCP-2722 (SCP Foundation)

    Speed Equalized. Star Dream: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Dream SCP-2722: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/SCP-2722
  11. Kirby71

    Star dream revision

    Well,It seems like nobody noticed but. Should star dream have void manipulation added on his profile? Because the game itself states star dream absorbed and erased every trace of haltmann,his soul and even his mind,implying that he just outright erased haltmann entirely. Also danmaku...
  12. Super Sonic vs Star Dream

    The Golden Blur takes on a homicidal supercomputer Star Dream starts out in base Sonic is bloodlusted Speed Equalized Battle takes place in deep space Sonic : 3 Star Dream : 4 Inconclusive:
  13. Kellex

    A supercomputer that wants to destroy everything V.S. A supreme being that wants to recreate everything

    Star Dream in it's final phase and Chakravarti is in it's golden form. Speed is equalized Battle takes place in space obviously Victory via death STORY Star Dream was going around, wiping all the organic-life forms it could find in its view. Later, Star Dream then encountered a HUGE golden...
  14. Golem_Guy_(Neo)

    Mario and Luigi vs President Haltmann and Star Dream(Kirby)

    Let's see Mario and Luigi take on the most tech-savy Kirby villain yet, President Haltmann and his creation, Star Dream, in a 2 vs 2 brawl to the death. Both people have 1 day prep time, speed is equalized, and Star Dream only has base form. Who would win this battle?
  15. The_real_cal_howard

    Possible 3-C Star Dream

    It's just something I've realized after going through the True Arena. Kirby is already a very high 4-A. And the Robobot Armor grants him a big boost. And fusing with the Halberd, a 4-A starship, gives him a much bigger boost. Given the placement of Kirby in 4-A, and the fact that not only does...
  16. Foggysniper

    A few very minor Kirby charater revisions.

    This only really applies to the Lor Starcutter and a possible change to Star Dream. According to a Miiverse post, the interdimesnional gateway that Star Dream grabs Galacta Knight from is beyond time and space. Why does this matter you may ask? Well in another Miiverse post, Òé»Òâ×ÒéÂÒé¡ says...
  17. Marxeerus

    braniac vs star dream

    brainiac vs star dream
  18. DarkLordofShadows

    Metal Sonic VS Star Dream

    Metal Sonic VS Star Dream Versions: Metal Overlord and Star Dream Soul OS. Victory by K.O or Death. Speed Equalized. Morals Off. Local: Planet Mars. Distance: 2 kilometers. Who wins, and why?
  19. Foggysniper

    Star Dream upgrade or Halberd downgrade

    So I was looking through the profiles and saw that Star Dream was planet level because it fought and tanked the Halberd's attacks, but the profile for the Halberd says it is Multi-Solar System level. So either we would upgrade Star Dream or downgrade the Halberd to keep the profiles consistent.
  20. Kirbyelmejor

    Andross vs Star Dream

    Speed is equalized. They are in base form.
  21. Unclechairman

    Revision of Kirby Characters' Scaling

    It seems virtually every Kirby character on this website is Multi-Solar System level from scaling to Kirby, who himself (I believe) is scaled from Dark Crafter and Dark Nebula. Aside from just seeming ridiculous to me (Multi-Solar System level queen bees?), the games don't back this up. I...