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shokuhou misaki

  1. DontTalkDT

    Misaka & Misaki vs L

    Misaka & Misaki vs L This is not a regular fight. I believe it was Junko that stated that Misaka and Misaki together would make for the perfect crime duo, with Misaki erasing memories and Misaka erasing electronic records. Let's put that to the test. Scenario: Misaka and Misaki get fed up...
  2. Nico-v11

    Toaru Level 5s vs Anime Groups

    In the world of anime there are tons of different groups out there that are made up very interesting characters. I wanted to see how your favorite anime groups would fair against the level 5s working together. I will be excluding Aihana Etsu due to them lacking a profile on the wiki (someone...
  3. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Shokuhou Misaki vs Coronzon

    Starting distance is 5 meters Speed equalized Both are bloodlusted Misaki is in her first key and has 10 seconds prep time Wincon is death or incap SBA everything else Profiles: Misaki | Coronzon
  4. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kokushibo vs Misaka Mikoto

    Why yes, now i'm going try my best on expanding the match-up for the top three upper moons, but unfortunately for Doma he seems more harder to use so it will take a long time find a good opponents for him, unlike Akaza (i found many good opponents for him but for now u'm giving him a break) and...
  5. DontTalkDT

    To Aru GT 2 + 3 Revision Thread

    So, I had long since announced that this is the next step in the To Aru revisions. I will split this by character. Shokuhou Misaki First, there are new applications for her Mind Control. She can make the people around her ignore her. She can make other people perceive a target of her choice...
  6. Legacyadria

    Shokuhou Misaki vs Itachi Uchiha

    Shokuhou Misaki with exterior. Itachi Uchiha (Akatsuki Version). Terms: Equalized speed. Restricted direct attacks for Itachi and Misaki (Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, weapons). The battle is in academy city. Scenario 1 (Victory by Mental Hax). Misaki: Itachi: No way...
  7. Fukouda-san

    Mental Out at her greatest (with Exterior) vs The Real World

    Misaki Shokuhou decides she is done with only being the Queen of Tokiwadai : she wants to be the Queen of the World. She is bloodlusted and willing to use any devious means and dirty tricks to conquer the world. Misaki begins her conquest of the world in Tokyo, Japan. Win Conditions : She does...
  8. DontTalkDT

    Detective vs Queen Bee (L vs Shokuhou Misaki)

    L vs Shokuhou Misaki Scenario: Misaki is dropped into Death Note universe (before the Kira stuff happened) and attempts to go for world domination. Can L figure out what's going on and, more important, stop her?
  9. LordAizenSama

    Three way battle of Human level manipulators

    Shokuhou Misaki Vs. Light Yagami Vs Lelouch vi Britannia Rules: They start at various locations at the school equally spreadout from eachother Limited knowledge on the eachother. Only basic things like gender or hair colour. Takes Place within the Ashford Academy school grounds in Code...
  10. Zhaoshuais

    Miku Izayoi VS Shokuhou Misaki

    Battlefield:discuss 4 different condition. 1´╝îone on one 2´╝îonly have ordinary people to control 3, Tokiwadai Middle School,with a lot of lv3-4 espers to be controled 4´╝îboth side can choose 5 characters who can be controled from their universe to join the battle with them.That means,they...
  11. Shokuhou Misaki vs Yuuri Kumoi

    Shokuhou Misaki vs Yuuri Kumoi Scenario 1: Battle takes place in London Scenario 2: Battle takes place in Academy City The Esper powers of both verses are assumed to be equal in nature. Bystanders might be involved if necessary. Otherwise standard assumptions. Who takes the mind control...