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selvaria bles

  1. Ikelaggan

    Two deadly ice waifus fight to the death

    Heavly restricted low 7-B Esdeath is being used. No time stop. Speed equalized. VS.
  2. Andytrenom

    Selvaria VS Garou

    Was going to put her against someone more haxxed but I guess a skill/AP based match up would be more interesting Alright so Kal's waifu vs my husbando Garou. Speed equal. Score: Garou: Selvaria Bles: Incon: 3
  3. Schnee_One

    Maidens and Valkyrians: Kal's Bae vs Kal's Bae Killer

    This was inevitable.... I mean come on, anyone that knows Kal should have seen this coming from miles away, if you didn't, well do your research a bit more. I'm not certain if speed should be equal as both scale to Mach 18 but if there's a speed scaling chain in favor of Cinder then let me...
  4. PrettyFearMachine

    Big titty military GF vs One not-so-christian devil boi (Kaltias' Torture Chamber)

    So uh, Kalt told me to wait until the end of revisions, but screw that imma make the match anyway cuz I want more wins for mah boye inb4 this thread backfires Speed is equalized. The fight takes place at Fortuna Castle Town. K.O. via death. UMUn't - 0 The military waifu - 0 They... idk - 1
  5. Kaltias

    VC AP upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kaltias/Valkyria_Chronicles:_Grenade_blow_up_a_tree I'll make this brief: Grenades are 9-A as per the calc and soldiers can survive them (Consistent with Welkin and Alicia surviving a stray shot from a 8-C+/High 8-C mortar). Scales to non-AT weapons...
  6. Kaltias

    Valkyria Chronicles AP upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Kaltias/Valkyria_Chronicles:_Lophius_survives_a_nuke Scales to Alicia and Selvaria. The Lophius can survive this, and Valkyrur are consistently stated to be vastly superior to every human weapon, like the Lophius. Both Alicia and Selvaria should be...
  7. Kaltias

    Akame vs Selvaria Bles (REDUX)

    Because revisions happened and hey, now it's closer AP wise so one more reason to see how it goes. Speed is equal, they fight in a desert landscape. BoS AGK Akame vs Selvaria with her lance and shield. Akame: 3 (Gar, Graf, Genki) Selvaria: Inconclusive:
  8. Kaltias

    Valkyria Chronicles AP upgrade

    The Marmota has 800 mm cannons, and it uses them against you during the mission where you have to divert it. Those cannons are based on this one, which can fire shells whose yield is 710 kg of TNT. The Edlweiss can take a single shot from it, so it would be a lower degree of 8-C (it mounts the...
  9. Schnee_One

    Selvaria Bles vs Weiss Schnee

    White Haired? Check. Hot? Check. Game time, Pre-Skip Weiss, summon is unrestricted, open field. Selvaria Bles: 3 Weiss Schnee: Inconclusive:
  10. VersusJunkie54

    Izuku Midoriya vs Selvaria Bles

    A battle Gar suggested I make. Izuku is using 20% One For All. And Selvaria has Valkyria's power. (Both 8-C) Speed is equalized. Victory by any means. Final Flame is restricted. 100% of One For All is restricted. Both have basic knowledge of eachother. Who wins and why? Deku:0...
  11. Yobo_Blue

    Jay vs Selvaria Bles

    Jay Walker vs Selvaria Bles SBA Speed Equal Who wins?
  12. Kaltias

    Akame vs Selvaria Bles

    Black haired girl with white dress vs white haired girl with black dress. Another general to be killed and another rebel to be defeated. Akame Ga Kill Zero Akame vs Selvaria Bles with Valkyria powers. No Final Flame. Fight takes place in a desert landscape, speed equalized. Akame: 0...
  13. Kaltias

    Question about Valkyria Chronicles

    Why Selvaria and Alicia are 8-B? Selvaria's profile states that it's because she destroyed several tanks easily, but tanks aren't 8-B.