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  1. SCP-2747 VS C.A.S.

    SCP-2747 "As Below, So Above" Key: Extended Universe VS C.A.S. "The Thought Robot" Key: Full Power Battle Info: Speed and AP are equalized Both are bloodlusted Win by death or K.O C.A.S. starts on one side of an infinite universe, and 2747 starts on the other side All abilities within...
  2. JustANormalPerson01

    It seems our lizard finally made contact with some narrative hazards

    Well, it has been more than 3 months this has been added to SCP-682 Extermination Log (check history, page 3. I've seen up until 12 of October of past year and it still was there), so I guess this is valid to be used now: SCP-3812 Interaction: Upgrade to a solid tier 1-A+ via RE: Kinda...
  3. SCP 2747 vs SCP 6747-C

    SCP-6747-C vs Extended Universe SCP-2747 These 2 seem to literally have the exact same powers so I'm just gonna vote Inconclusive lol
  4. OfficialGilgamesh

    SCP 2747 vs Lucifer Morningstar

    Who wins?
  5. ExSENNA

    SCP-2747 tries to mutually annihilate your favorite narrative

    What the title says. Extended Canon 2747 2747's Profile
  6. Agnaa

    SCP God-Tier Revisions, Part ╬ÿ'-4 ÒÇîUpgradesÒÇì

    With the tiering system revisions freshly applied, now's the right time to revise the SCP Foundation's god-tiers. In this part we'll be revising the very top of the very top-tiers, who are all getting upgraded. (Note that for any 1-A+ characters here, the + only goes in the AP/Dura, not in the...
  7. Sir_Ovens

    SCP-2747 vs Altair

    Before you sharpen your pitchforks and crucify me, Agnaa didn't say no when I brought up the idea. So crucify him as well. The Sevenfold Destroyer vs The Military Uniform Princess End of Series Altair and Extended Canon 2747. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  8. Blue_Vortex_Buster

    A correction on SCP-2747.

    Greetings. I am an outsider coming from the SCP Wiki who has happened to get their eyes in this wiki's SCP-2747 page, and single battle against a certain Monarch of Pointland. I am not in any way extensively informed about this site's system for evaluating strengths, but I have read the...
  9. Assaltwaffle

    SCP Dimensionality

    The question was brought up because of this guy and is continued from the posts starting here and ending here.
  10. Agnaa

    Another Another SCP Fights Monika

    I don't THINK it's a stomp. Horror narrative grill : 1 (Ricsi-viragosi) Horror narrative narrative: 2 (ZacharyGrossman273, SlinkyWarrier) Inconclusive: 2 (Hl3 or bust, Sayo Yasuda) Speed equalized, both Low 2-C
  11. Christian_Higdon


    682 vs 2747. Speed Equalized. Both are at 1-B and in-character. Who wins? SCP-$&**%$%(: 0 Spammy Lizard: 0 Tie: 0
  12. Elizhaa

    Monarch of Pointland vs SCP-2747

    vs Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Both at 11-C Vote Monarch of Pointland: SCP-2747 : Inconclusive :