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  1. Vizer04

    Hello Kira, I Want To Play A Game (GRACE)

    Light and Ryuk return from school, it's been a boring and uneventful day but Ryuk is eager to see Light using the Death Note in new creative ways. While opening his door, Light noticed that the door handle was all the way up and the piece of paper was in the door as well. Light: Someone was in...
  2. Calamity vs The Death Note

    Tooru vs Ryuk (hope it's not a stomp, again) Tooru: 0 Ryuk: 0 Incon: 0 Both In Character. 25 meters of each other.
  3. DarkDragonMedeus

    Ryuk's Audit Revisions

    Death Note was looked at by the Audit Group, and most profiles are good where they're at. Except for Ryuk's. First off all, he has Wall level durability with no explanation. It supposedly comes from being immune to bullets, but that's more so Intangibility (Immaterial) rather than...
  4. HailTheGodTwains

    Death Note Upgrade

    Attack Potency: It's stated in the Death Note Guidebooks that L is below both Light and Near in terms of intelligence, yet Ohba states that L has to be the smartest character in Death Note because "the plot requires it". This means that L transcends both the plot and logic, and is therefore...
  5. Toshiohex

    Ryuk Vs Kumagawa Misogi

    -Speed equalized - Ryuk can use the death notes abilities - Both have knowledge of each other
  6. Warren_Valion

    Small Ryuk Revision

    Hi. I was looking at Ryuk's profile and I saw that he has Immortality Type 1. This is wrong and is blatantly proven to be wrong in the series. Not to mention he should have some abilities that he doesn't have. So here we go... Immortality Removal and Lifespan Stealing Type 1 Immortality is...
  7. Abscoolguy

    Which Verse Has The Weakest Gods

    Alright, back from my month holiday, and time for some discussions Which verse do you think has the weakest gods (by gods i dont mean God tiers, i mean characters classified as gods) What I have Shinigamis from death note (10-A) What do you have?
  8. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    The Death Note Falls into your favorite Verse

    The Death Note has landed some where in your favortie verse. Which character(s) would be the most likely to pick it up and use it and how succesful would they be? Bonus: Ryuk shows up eventually and offers the deal for the Shinigami eyes. Do they take it? Note: The Shinigami eyes allow a person...
  9. Yobo_Blue

    Death Note Fate Manipulation

    So, I noticed that we have the Death Note's fate manipulation as probability manipulation. However, since the Death Note does not increase the chance of something occuring, so much as it is putting something on a different path. Even if it is only capable of this to a plausible degree, it would...
  10. Gnuke_The_Writer

    Freddy Fazbear Vs Ryuk (From Death Note)

    Things about the battle: -Normal Freddy is being used. -This fight is taking place in Freddy Fazbears Pizza because of Ryuks advantages. -Ryuk can have the Death Note but I am not sure how it will work on Freddy because he is technacally undead. Freddy-0 Ryuk-0 Tie-0
  11. Blahblah9755

    Death note abilities upgrade

    I was looking at the Death Note pages and realized a few abilities were missing from the Death Note and its wielders. The first one is life manipulation for Ryuk, and The Death Note (when in the hands of a Shinigami). In Death Note when a shinigami kills someone with the Death Note, that...
  12. Nico-v11

    Inconsistency On Death Note Profiles

    On Light's profile his range goes only to planet level while Ryuk goes all the way to Universal. Both due to the Death Note. The Death Note profile itself does not provide an answer. This should be fixed. Changed to universal