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rodan (monsterverse)

  1. Marvel_Champion_07

    Giant Bat vs Average-Sized Alien (MonsterVerse vs DC Extended Universe)

    RODAN vs SUPERMAN Speed is equalised Theatrical Superman is used, Class Z Lifting Strength is restricted Standard Battle Assumptions Rodan: 0 Superman: 7 (@Arceus0x, @AnonymousBlank, @Artorimachi_Meteoraft, @Dalesean027, @Mariogoods, @The_one_you_least_expect, @Cimafranca133) Inconclusive:
  2. Colonel_Krukov

    Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe) vs Rodan (Monsterverse)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed Equalised *Endgame Thor Thor: 7 (Soma_King,Popted2,I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die,CiscoTheSoto,Pokemonfan807,RandomGuy2345,Colonel Krukov) Rodan: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 () Thor is 163.415 Gigatons, Rodan downscales from 526 Gigatons. Rodan has a ~3.22x advantage
  3. Spinoirr

    7-A tournament round 1, match 1 (vision vs Rodan)

    Speed is equal and both are fighting on planet cereal Vision: 8 Rodan (MonsterVerse): Icon:
  4. Eseseso

    Potential upgrade of sorts for Rodan and Mothra

    When Rodan fought Ghidorah, while the fight was short, the fact is that not only did he survive the fight for an extended period of time (even wrestling with Ghidorah and getting 1 or 2 hits in), but he tanked a direct Gravity Beam from the main head (which shouldn't be far below the Gravity...
  5. SuperGodzilla_Kaiju_King

    Heisei Godzilla series upgrade

    With the upgrades for Showa monsters to Low and then High 4-C I felt need to post the canon match-ups showing that Heisei monsters are consistently stronger than their Showa versions. Megalon can fight Battra in his larva form and even pierce his armor but would be easily defeated by his Imago...
  6. Dannysayan

    How Many Rodan's we need to take down a King Ghidorah?

    !WARNING! Dumb Discussion Incoming! So, we saw that Rodan briefly fought with Ghidorah yet lost fairly quickly, question is, how many of them are needed to take the King down? would 2 Rodan be enough? maybe 3?
  7. Apex_Predator_GX

    Rodan and Mothra's upgrade

    Currently the pages stated this: Mothra: At least City level (Fought and harmed Rodan, who caused a volcano eruption), likely Small Country level (Roda momentarily traded blows with King Ghidorah, though he was clearly weaker. Briefly restrained Ghidorah with her silk) Rodan: At least City...
  8. Dinobot1996

    Rodan vs. Male MUTO

    Both are Low 6-B Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Boston at night The Fire Demon: 7 The Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organism: Inconclusive: