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  1. EastofEden07

    A question about RoboCop

    Why weren't the Robocop comics/TV series included in the material used to scale Robocop, are they all non-canon? 🤔
  2. StorytellingDemonKing

    Xenomorph victims fight each other (T-800 vs RoboCop)

    Death Battle did this, and I dunno if this has been done here, but let's go. T-800 vs RoboCop Fight takes place in LA Speed isn't equal Terminator: RoboCop: Inconclusive:
  3. Naito-desu

    Close-Range Tourney Round 2, Match 1: Otomo vs Phase Spider

    Otomo vs Phase Spider 5 meters apart, Speeds equalized, standard equipment given Ranged equipment is restricted if there are any SBA otherwise 5 megajoules vs 8 megajoules respectively A period of one week will be given for debate. After 7 days, if this match has not been concluded, the one...
  4. Naito-desu

    Close-Range Tourney Match 6: Sora vs Otomo

    Sora vs Otomo 5 meters apart, Speeds equalized, standard equipment given Pre-Keyblade Sora is used Ranged equipment is restricted if there is any SBA otherwise
  5. koopa3144

    RoboCop vs Xenomorph (0-7-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in a abandoned building in Detroit The Adult Xenomorph and RoboCop keys are being used both are 9-B speed is equalized SBA for anything else Xenomorph: 7 0.001786 Tons of TNT/7472624 Joules RoboCop: 0 0.0012 Tons of TNT or 5020800 Joules Incon: 0
  6. Propellus

    You see Heisenberg, drug dealers don't like me, and I don't like drug dealers.

    Basically Clarence Boddicker vs Walter White. Boddicker has his Mossberg 5500 and his signature pistol, but he doesn't have the Cobra Assault Cannon. Walter White has his guns and explosives. Boddicker is unaware of Walter's true identity. Both are at least 10 meters away from each other...
  7. koopa3144

    how to catch a predator (RoboCop vs The City Hunter)

    Fight takes place in Los Angeles Predator is in Personal Weaponry key Robocop doesn't start with the Predator in sight RoboCop: 0 0.0012 Tons of TNT The City Hunter: 0 0.001786 Tons of TNT? likely superior a Young Blood who fought a Xenomorph Warrior Incon: 0
  8. RanaProGamer

    Death Battle REMATCH (Terminator vs RoboCop)

    T-850 fights RoboCop, but we're gonna do it right this time. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. The Terminator vs The RoboCop Who wins and why?
  9. Dusty_Raider

    RoboCop vs Terminator A classic

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Terminator_(T-800) Second key 9-A restricted https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/RoboCop second key Weapon arm and Cobra Cannon restricted. Speed unequalized and fight takes place in Downtown Detroit R: 1 T I:
  10. Qawsedf234

    Robocop downgrade thread

    The profile The major issue with the profile Now if you read the profile and watched the movies, you'll notice some oddities such as lifted a 10 ton armored door Tanked an explosion powerful enough to destroy a large warehouse Now confused about these, I searched around for these feats...
  11. EnnardTrap1987

    RoboCop VS Bane

    Both 8-C Speed equalised Fight takes place in a warehouse Both are 1 meter away from each other RoboCop: 0 Bane: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  12. EnnardTrap1987

    Alex Murphy (RoboCop) VS Captain Alex

    Battle of firearm characters named 'Alex' Both 9-C Speed equalised Alex Murphy: 0 Captain Alex: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  13. Roachman40

    Robocop fights birds

    Both 9-C Speed Equalized RoboCop: Birdemic Birds: Incon:
  14. Maruishimaryishi

    Hamazura Shiage (To Aru Majutsu No Index) Vs Robocop (Robocop)

    Hamazura Shiage - 6 (Accelerate420, Oblivion Of The Endless, DestinyDude0, Inori Hatsune, XDragnoir, Malox1696) RoboCop - 0 Conclusive - 0 - Hamazura used the Railgun FIVE Over and is serious. - Robocop has all of his equipments. - Started at 7 meters away. - Hamazura has knowledge on...
  15. Bobsican

    Policeman Vs. Thanos

    RoboCop at 9-C, speed equalized. The policema: 7 (HeadlessKramerGeoff777, KLOL506, Junkoposter, The Smashor, Jackythejack, Christian Higdon, DaBigP) The purple boy: 0 Incon: 0
  16. Paladinporter

    Cop vs Cop

    Inspector vs Robocop (Both 8-C) Speed equalized Who wins and why?

    Robocop vs Judge Dredd

  18. Numbersguy

    The Terminator vs Robocop

    Now that both are cloooose enough, this match can be made. Plus, Happy Halloween! The Terminator_(T-800) RoboCop This is just a T-800, aka the one from the first and second movie. Movie feats only Speed is equalized just in-case Robocop has all his weaponry, so does the T-800
  19. DarkDragonMedeus

    Robocop vs Master Chief

    This fight is finally fair, battle between America's favorite cyborgs. Both characters are allowed heavy weaponry; 8-C versions of both. Master Chief has the Fuel Rod Cannon, Rocket Launcher, Plasma Rifle, Needler, a few UNSC grenades, Shotgun, and a Sniper Rifle. Forerunner weapons are banned...
  20. EightAte8

    Abraham Lincoln versus RoboCop

    Who wins?
  21. Legion350

    Robocop Downgrade

    He is rated as 9-B with High weapons, but he has no status justifications for it. In addition his durability is High 8-C despite all the feats on his page being Wall level. I think Robocop should be downgraded to just Wall level.
  22. Meosos

    Battle of robots

    Terminator vs Robocop was already done several times before, but with no clear result. Lets do it again, but with more opponents. Laputan robot (castle of the sky) vs T-800 (Terminator) vs Sentinels (X men movies) vs Robocop Round 1: Speed qualized, no futuristic weapons for the terminator...
  23. SuperUnoriginalName

    Luke Cage vs Robocop

    Ain't no place more hostile than 42nd Street! Come quietly or there will be... trouble. Robocop vs Luke Cage Round 1: Composite of original Robocop vs Luke Cage in the Avengers Tower. Round 2: Reboot Robocop vs Luke Cage in the OCP tower. Round 3: Robocop is called to stop Daredevil...
  24. question about character profile

    i know we already have robocop profiles here can i make robocop profiles idw version
  25. Cropfist

    Robocop vs Terminator

    See title. Both are at their strongest.
  26. Notadeadguy

    Stryker vs RoboCop

    Man vs Machine Who would win and why?
  27. Cropfist

    Robocop vs Iron Man (MCU)

    They almost died until they where assisted from technology. Now they spend their days as heroes.
  28. The_Living_Tribunal1

    Lucifer (Dragon Ball) Vs Robocop

    Lucifer fights without a weapon robocop can use heavy weapons if needed (but this slows him down( who do you think wins?
  29. Otakuzoid

    Motoko Kusanagi (SAC) VS Robocop

    The battle of cybernetically enhanced bodies. Both are allowed all of the equipment that they've used in the past (this includes Motoko's "Standard Issue Big Gun")