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renji abarai

  1. That_moron2

    Jobber Orgy

    Arrancar Arc Ikkaku, and Post-Bankai Training Renji are used. Both are Blood Lusted Baldy: Sunglasses: Incon:
  2. Renji vs Byakuya

    Let's see if Renji managed to surpass Byakuya TYBW Post-Royal Guard Training Renji vs Soul Society Arc Byakuya Starting distance is 80 meters and speed is equalized Who wins? Byakuya Kuchiki Renji Abarai Inconclusive: (Yes, I know there is a tier difference but I do think that Byakuya...
  3. chosen

    Possible minor ikkaku upgrade

    In chapter 204 ikkaku takes a town+ attack which is used to scale his and a few others ap (scans are already on the profile) In chapter 209-2010 we are told rangiku toshiro and renji were nerfed by 5 times The reason for that it's cuz lieutenent and captains so strong is risky, so it's...
  4. KillerNerd007

    BLEACH: General character upgrades and revisions

    Hello everyone, back again with another Bleach thread (might plan to make a Death Note thread or a Black Clover thread), but here is one for general revisions, so this will include Shinigami, Hollows and more, and let's gooooo. Soul physiology: -Attack reflection: When two spiritual forces...
  5. LordTracer

    Small Downgrade for Early Bleach

    This is the justification for Ichigo’s Substitute Shinigami key: So Ichigo scales to 20% Renji. However, Renji is Town level+ via scaling above Ikakku. This would make 20% Renji only Town level, 12.3396034808 kilotons to be exact. Since that’s what Ichigo scales to, he should be downgraded to...
  6. KillerNerd007

    Renji got big brain moves

    Hello everyone, its new guy here again. With the success of the Ichigo intelligence page under my belt, I thought I could do it again with another character. This time, we will be focusing on a character who has some intelligence feats, but isn't acknowledged at all compared to Ichigo, and...
  7. RanaProGamer

    Bleach Possible Shikai Multiplier

    Was pretty much waiting for AKM's Bleach thread to be over to do this. So before another Bleach Cosmology thread happens, let's do this. At the moment, the only confirmed multiplier we have are Bankai and Gentei Kaijo, both of which are accepted as a 5x multiplier. However, through comparison...
  8. Cyberblader90

    Bleach: Renji and Mask

    A few months ago I made this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/bleach-pts-speed-downgrade.112335/ In it I contested this calc for now admittingly bad points. Towards the end of the crt I was fine with the calc remaining though it was axed due to a change in light speed standards. As of this...
  9. KingKenjo

    Questions about Bleach Speed Meta

    So I've been trying to learn as much as I can about Bleach scaling for a while now, and I've only just now noticed something I don't entirely get. I already know about Orihime's Hypersonic feat, and how it's used to scale most of the other characters. But one thing that confuses me is the jump...
  10. Cyberblader90

    Bleach- PTS Speed Downgrade

    User blog:USklaverei/Renji intercepting beam of light | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom I was checking renji's calc here and noticed two issues. Imgur: The magic of the Internet The light here causes a "klang' sound from the impact, meaning it has force. Given that force = mass times acceleration, the...
  11. LordWhis

    Renji vs Ulqiorra

    True Bankai vs R2 Renji: Ulqiorra: Incon: Who wins this ?
  12. HST_Master

    Substitute Arc Potential Upgrades

    So let's this out the way shall we? So in order to become a Soul Reaper, Rukia gave Ichigo a large majority of her powers, but the thing is Rukia is 7-C. Not only that Ichigo was capable of fighting a 20% Renji who's also 7-C albeit with difficulty and overpowering him with that Reiatsu Boost...
  13. The_Calaca

    Gajeel vs Renji

    Because I'm bored and it has been a while since I created a versus. Speed equalized. 7-C versions. Takes place on Soul Society (but I think Gajeel's senses would counter invisibility anyway). Gajeel Redfox Renji Abarai
  14. TheFinalOrder

    Renji Abarai vs Naruto Uzumaki

    Location: World of Void Tournament Stage SoM: In Character w/ Intent to Kill Restrictions: FRS Flying -Speed us Equal -Island Level Versions -Starting Distance: 5 Meters
  15. Dat_Dot

    Renji vs Guts

    8-B version speed equalized Renji Abarai Guts who wins and why?
  16. LordGinSama

    Roronoa Zoro vs Renji Abarai

    7-A versions used Winner by KO or death Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Moss Head: 2 Red Pineapple: 1 Inconclusive: 1
  17. DaYaThing

    What Powerscaling is used to say that Renji (pre-timeskip) is hypersonic+?

    I'm Brazilian, and I'm doing some Bleach profiles to keep the franchise open on Wikia I work. Basically, I need some powerscaling or calcs to help me with the level of the Shinigami from that time, and the best I've found so far was the Vs Battle. There on Wikia, we like to be very restricted...
  18. Amlad22

    Potential upgrade in power for multiple bleach characters

    Recently I came across the knowledge that a few bleach characters are scaled to much lower power levels then they should be. The characters mainly being Bazz-B, Renji, Rukia and Yoruichi Bazz-B is scaled to city level+ for cancelling out Yamamoto's flames, which makes sense except that was...
  19. HokageMangaVox

    Bleach Confirmed to get two Sequel Novels 2016 & 2017

    Photo from the Last Bleach Volume 74: https://i.redd.it/fjavrxpdnhvx.jpg The first one will be a sequel released in December, it will feature events after the 10 year time skip, and Rukia's/Renji's wedding. The second one will be released sometime after in 2017. It will feature Hisagi (Kubo...
  20. Kawaru_Shotomata

    Renji Abarai vs Zoro Roronoa

    In character Fight takes place in Konoha Distance : 100m Win by death or KO Who win and why ?
  21. Ryuuzakiscorpio

    Bleach: Jackie/Renji Update

    How would you powerscale/calc this: (Jackie's Fullbring shockwaves) Gif: I don't want to put her page at unknown. There Are too many unknown pages here.