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real world

  1. Flashlight237

    Bottlenose Dolphin vs Beluga Whale

    I mean, it makes sense. While beluga whales are larger than bottlenose dolphins with a weight ranging from 1100 to 1600 as opposed to dolphins' 300 kg (with a weight range of 150 to 650 kg), at the same time, the beluga whale is hardly confrontational while bottlenose dolphins are infamous for...
  2. Salt-on-pizza

    Person from SAW vs A Crocodile (Amanda Young vs Saltwater Crocodile) 0|0

    I dont know shit about SAW but i felt like putting a horror movie survivor against a real life animal would be fun om nom nom: person:
  3. Salt-on-pizza

    Megalodon vs Chun Li (0|0)

    Chun Li decides that now she hates Megalodons and wants to kill one (what an terrible person smh) Speed equalized, Base form for Chun Li om nom nom: gun
  4. Flashlight237

    Beelzebufo vs Domestic Cat

    So yeah, we have a domestic cat, which has a bit of a record for being a decent hunter. Pretty much everyone knows how they are considering that they're responsible for many bird extinctions. As for Beelzebufo, it's best aspect is its strength. It has an estimated bite force of 500 to 2200...
  5. Flashlight237

    Triceratops vs Elephant

    So this match... Eh, it's going to be a weird one. So the weight range of both triceratops and elephants are pretty much the same, with Triceratops going from 6 to 10 tonnes with a smaller complete specimen weighing in at 5.4 tonnes whereas elephants go from 5.2 to 6.9 tonnes with the largest...
  6. LuffyRuffy46307

    Freddy Krueger 5-B

    Freddy Krueger transformed the entire earth with old cars as shown in this image, it would be possible for him to be 5-B with this feat, since he covered the entire planet with old cars and we see this in the image.
  7. Real World Empire Battle Royale

    The title says it all but we're gonna need to set the conditions: All empires start at their historical peak in size and population, using the world of today as their battlefield (Overlapping territories unilaterally go to the smaller empire/smallest empires between the overlapping parties so...
  8. Real World Page Entry Addition And Arrangement Modification Discussion Thread (ie/tldr Real World Discussion Thread)

    So... this is gonna be a bit daunting and probably insane coming from me due to being a relative newcomer, but I have some ideas I would like to pose regarding the arrangement and status of the Real World Entries (I'm probably gonna spend most of my time either in Content Revision regarding the...
  9. ThePrimalHunter

    2 Busted 9-Cs Fight (Composite Human vs Man In The Suit) (0-0-0)

    These 2 are debatebly the most powerful 9-Cs on the wiki. So when both of them get into a fight, who's coming out on top? Composite Human (Real World) vs The Man In The Suit (Unknowingly) Ground Rules: Composite Human has prior knowledge on The Man's abilities CH has a Mossberg 500 and a...
  10. H3110l12345I20

    References, but we make them more credible in "The Real World" official profiles.

    ^^^; (Permisssion given by Ant here) I've been dying to do this for a while. While we have been going through with IRL verse pages with references of unwritten standards. I decided to set official standards in my blog here for 2 reasons. To increased the credibility of our "The Real World"...
  11. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    A fight between relatives

    Rules: Links to animals: Chimp, NOT Chimp Location: Forested area of the Congo Chimp: NOT Chimp: 1 Tie: FIGHT!!
  12. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    The Rhino vs Elephant fight of the Cenozoic

    Rules: Links to animals: Rhino, Elephant The Paraceratherium is female and trying to protect her calf, and the Palaeoloxodon is male and in musth Location: Grassy plains of Oligocene Mongolia Rhino: Elephant: 1 Tie: FIGHT!!
  13. Flashlight237

    Australopithecus vs Chimpanzee

    Apparently these two are comparable to each other according to their profiles. However, I think it's easier to argue for the chimp than it is for Australopithecus since while there is much more information on the chimpanzee's strengths, the only article that could really help Australopithecus...
  14. Flashlight237

    Pachycephalosaurus vs Cattle

    Okay, so here's the deal. A Pachycephalosaurus is a dinosaur famously claimed to be built for ramming, and there are arguments for and against that claim, not to mention fossils with cranial lesions exist. A cattle, on the other hand, will attack by ramming, although two bulls killed each other...

    Yao Guai vs Cave Bear [0-0-0]

    These two Specimens are at their peaks and the fight takes place in an environment suited to them both. Yao Guai : Cave Bear : Incon :

    Tyrannosaurus Rex (Real World) vs Velociraptor (Dino Crisis Manhua) [0-0-0]

    The fight takes place in an enclosed paddock from Jurassic World large enough to hold them both comfortably that they can't escape from. Tyrannosaurus Rex : Velociraptor : Incon :
  17. OriginFox

    Humanity Vs Cursed Spirits

    Human Race VS Cursed Spirits (Round 1) Human Race VS Sukuna (Round 2) Cursed Spirits: Jogo, Dragon, Hanami, Finger Bearer CONDITIONS: Humans and weapons can see/interact with Cursed Spirits Humanity has knowledge of their powers Humanity is given...
  18. Flashlight237

    Velociraptor vs African Wild Dog

    So here's the deal. Typically both creatures are depicted as pack hunters, with the African Wild Dog proven to be such and the Velociraptor only being such thanks to Jurassic Park and some circumstantial evidence from Deinonychus. But lets say for this sake this'll be a pack deal. For this...
  19. Hortonhearsahoot

    Obese kermit vs. Fast Bird (American Bullfrog vs. Greater Roadrunner) 0-0-0

    Starting distance is 3 feet Location: Patch of land adjacent to a shallow pond SBA otherwise American Bullfrog: Greater Roadrunner:
  20. Flashlight237

    Coyote vs Harpy Eagle

    Okay, so here's the deal. We have the Coyote, and then we have the Harpy Eagle. From what I can tell, both creatures can go from around 10-C to 10-B. From what I can tell, here's what both creatures have. Coyote Hunted larger prey, like goats and sheep Largest individuals are slightly out of...
  21. Vehicles with highest KE ever

    I'm attempting to rank the real world vehicles of all time by their maximum kinetic energy. I have performed some calculations already and this is what I have so far: Gerald R Ford nuclear powered warship: KE = (1/2)(10^8)(15.6)^2 = 1.21 × 10^10 J (large building level, high 8-C) Heaviest oil...
  22. Flashlight237

    Real World Animal Categories

    Hey there. So uhh... Why are people putting the "Characters" category under real world animals? They're real life entities, not fictional characters, so it really doesn't make sense.
  23. Energy to destroy great wall of China

    Destroying the great wall of China is (un)surprisingly not a wall level feat. The wall has a mass of 50 million tonnes = 5 × 10^10 kg. It is made of various stones including brick and marble. The density of most stones are about 2200kg/m^3 to 2800kg/m^3 so I assume the average to be about...
  24. Argentinosaurus incorrect GPE?

    On Argentinosaurus' profile it calculates GPE at 5 MJ assuming centre of gravity is 6.5 metres high. Couldn't it stand up on 2 legs like many images of it depict to get to centre of mass at least 13 metres above ground raising GPE to 10 MJ?
  25. Flashlight237

    Blacktip Reef Shark vs Chimpanzee

    Okay, so the Blacktip Reef Shark is listed at Street Level while the Chimpanzee is listed at Human Level+. The Blacktip Reef Shark typically bites out of stupidity more than anything. While its bite force isn't rated, a Blacktip Shark, a visually similar shark in terms of both size and...
  26. King_Dom470

    Walter White walks with dinosaurs (0-0-0)

    Walter white vs real world animals are always cool Rules: Speed equal A big Dimetrodon was used (They were like 15 feet long) Walt has his Smith & Wesson Model 442 Specifically season 5 Walt is used Battle takes place in Gus' super lab SBA for everything else Not Technically A Dinosaur...
  27. Flashlight237

    Banana Slug vs Red Triangle Slug

    This would be an interesting match-up. So, the Banana Slug is the second largest slug species, with a length of up to 25 cm. It has a slime that numbs the tongue of predators: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banana_slug The Red Triangle Slug, on the other hand, has a length of up to 15 cm. It...
  28. Flashlight237

    Meganeura vs Rat

    So here's the deal. Meganeura is the largest flying insect ever, with a wingspan that can exceed 70 cm and a weight of up to 150 grams. Meganeura is a hawker dragonfly, which at best can pull off 35 miles an hour, although body length per second ratios may make this rating higher. At the same...
  29. Flashlight237

    A Bug's Life But Worse (Hopper vs Bullet Ant)

    Okay, so a bullet ant vs Hopper from a Bug's Life. It should be noted that Hopper is significantly stronger than a normal grasshopper, having one-shot a member of his own kind with a punch. A bullet ant took several minutes to kill a grasshopper in an enclosed space: Given these circumstances...
  30. Flashlight237

    Amphicyon vs Epicyon

    So, these two dogs are on the wiki. Let's see how they fare against one another. So, Amphicyon has a wider size range of the two animals due to it's genus being more well-known of the two doglike creatures. It can go from about 112 kg for A. astrei to 550 kg for A. ingens. It has a bearlike...
  31. Flashlight237

    Walter White vs Chimpanzee

    Walter White... He's a cancer patient who has a gun... And frankly, since he gets skittish very easily, he has a hard time aiming. What would happen if we pit him against a Murder Ape? Walter's main pistol is 10-A+. Meanwhile, it took four shots from a GLOCK to put down Travis, and that's...
  32. King_Dom470

    Extinct chicken fights a lizard (7-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Battle takes place in the Australian outback A big boy beardie was used (28 inches) A smaller dodo is used (around 10 kg) SBA for everything else Beardie: (Oiguana2701, JustANormalLemon, Peppersalt43, King_Dom470, XSOULOFCINDERX, Mariogoods, noninho) Chicken: Incon:
  33. Flashlight237

    Chucky vs Chimpanzee

    Okay, so Chucky... He's a serial killer in the body of a doll, and as of late he can do soul fissionism as long as there are Good Guy Dolls around. He's a killer who, unlike practically ANY horror movie villain, has standards, killing a guy trying to r*** a cripple and killing an abusive...
  34. Flashlight237

    Chimpanzee vs Cheetah REMATCH

    Okay, so uhh... Here's the deal. The Cheetah won due to a whole buncha nonsense about size and such in this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/grace-chimp-vs-cheetah.146374/ Thing is, the real world proved once again that, NO, that's not how that works. According to this paper, a chimpanzee...
  35. King_Dom470

    Dumbest fight of all time (0-7-0) GRACE

    Rules: The Fly is bloodlusted Speed is equal Battle takes place on a windowsill SBA for everything else Flytrap: Fly: (Giannysmag, King_Dom470, Stillwinston, JustANormalLemon, HonestlyBored24, Peppersalt43, koopa3144) Incon:
  36. King_Dom470

    Fake tiger vs a Real tiger (7-0-0) GRACE

    Rules: Speed equal Battle takes place in Los Pollos Hermanos' parking lot SBA for everything else Fake Tiger: (AThe1412, Mariogoods, H3110l12345I20, JustANormalLemon, King_Dom470, Peppersalt43, AStrangeverse) Scales to 13,028.25282 Joules Real Tiger: Scales to 9920 Joules Incon:
  37. Flashlight237

    The Largest Animals Ever Duke It Out (Blue Whale vs Perucetus Colossus)

    The blue whale is erring on a possible usurping for largest animal ever by weight. At the same time, there are still some oddities about them. In a lateral position, Perucetus Colossus has a GPE of 1.8 to 8.6 megajoules (average 5.2 megajoules). For an Eastern North Pacific female, the average...
  38. Flashlight237

    Velociraptor (Jurassic Park) vs Grizzly Bear

    Why not? Have a bear go toe-to-toe with velociraptors. While a pack of... I have no idea how many, can kill a cow in seconds. A grizzly bear can do that more or less on its own and can potentially kill a moose in a single hit anecdotally speaking. Let's see how this will go. This would be a...
  39. Flashlight237

    Herrerasaurus vs Grizzly Bear

    So, these two. A Herrerasaurus has a larger holotype that went up to 6 meters in length while a coastal grizzly bear can go for around 8 feet in length (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Peninsula_brown_bear ). However, the weight is where things get iffy. The largest Herrerasaurus weighs...
  40. Arceus0x

    Ohio revision

    I have made this calculation https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Arceus0x/Submarine_KE I have made a revision before but i'd say it wasn't organized well enough and it was dead anyways so here we go. I believe Ohio-class sub should scale to the calc in question I also want to scale...