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psycho mantis

  1. Comiphorous

    8-B Psychopath Tournament: Raiden vs Psycho Mantis (2 MORE VOTES

    Round 2 has begun! Rules are the same as Round 1, Speed equalized, Both 8-B, and 10 meters apart. The ugly barnacle: 5 (Chariot190, FantaRin_The_First, Veloxt1r0kore, Popted2, GlaceonGamez471 Blonde: A fish ******* murders them: 0
  2. Comiphorous

    8-B psychopathic tournament: Psycho Mantis vs Mukuro Ikusaba

    8-B Psychopathic Tournament MATCH 2 Speed is equalized 10 meters apart Battle takes place in Madness Combat Nevada Both are 8-B (Makuro is in her second key) Psycho Mantis: 6 (Expectro2000xxx, XSOULOFCINDERX, Chariot190, DontTalkDT, Popted2, AnAverageUsername) Mukuro:
  3. SpiteBattles

    Tanjiro vs Psycho Mantis

    •Speed equal •Both 8B(Post Pillar Training Tanjiro is used) •Both are 10m apart •both have Prior knowledge •Takes place in a snowy forest •Both in-character but want to win The Psychic: The Demon Slayer: Incon:
  4. Arcker123

    Psycho Mantis Vs Scarlet Witch (Metal Gear Vs MCU)

    Psycho Mantis vs MCU Scarlet Witch Equal Speed Wanda vision used Takes place in shadow moses SBA otherwise "I just wanted an excuse to kill as many people as I could.": "You took everything from me!": Incon:
  5. Twellas

    MGS Thread Number 1: Abilities

    Hey Long time no see After the shitfest that was the previous thread, I thought it would be best if we all chilled and wennt with a (relatively) non-controversial CRT: the abilities, the new profiles and the character changes, which were almost all universally accepted. Let's repeat...
  6. Twellas

    Metal Gear Solid Massive CRT. "Kept you waiting, uh?"

    After months, MONTHS in the works, the CRT is finally here. Some of you may already know what this is going to be, but for those who haven't heard, here's a quick breakdown: The Metal Gear profiles are extremely lackluster, and I decided it was time to take a closer look at the whole verse...
  7. The_Smashor

    Zonda vs Psycho Mantis, of illusions and minds

    Mindgames. Dear god Mindgames. Rules: Speed Equalized. Both are in character. Zonda dosn't have acess to the Muse Shards. Gas Mask Psychic: Wait is that javelin supposed to be a-: Inconclusive: